Bet365 and corners



Dec 15, 2015
Just take a look at this. I already wrote to essa, have no other ideas. I think they won't settle my bet correctly, but if some of you have more ideas...

Just be cautious when placing a bet by bet365!!!

Hello bet365,

I placed a bet on first half asian corners on this game. There were 5 corners taken (4-1) but you settled my bet as losing. You had only 3-1! Every single site list 5 corners. Only you refuse to add the 5th. So I send my complaint to ESSA. I also want to file a complaint against Cameron K, she really thought me as an idiot as you could see. Please, give me my money as my bet won. I placed a bet on first half asian corners over 4.5. There were 5 corners, so my bet won.

Winline bet also has 5 corners for the first half.

You are now chatting with Cameron K.
Cameron K Hello, welcome to bet365 live chat. How may I help you? Please include your four-digit security number if you want to talk about something specific to your account.
Kristina hello Cameron. I am contacting you regarding my bet on corners on Emirates Club - Al Wasl. You list 4 corners, but there are 5.
Kristina TheTV channel that broadcasts the game listed 4-1 corners when they showed the HT stats, soccerway lists 5 cornersa (4-1)
And list 5 corners (4-1)
Cameron K May I please have the bet reference? This can be located at the top of the bet confirmation within your bet history and displays in the following format; AB0123456789X.
Kristina CL6811519010F
Cameron K Although if it states $50 maximum you are looking at the wrong Bonus.
Kristina I suppose that's not for me
Cameron K This was sent incorrectly, I apologise.
Cameron K I am currently looking into your bet for you now.
Cameron K Asian Corners start from a flat when you place the bet meaning that only corners taken after the bet is placed would qualify.
Cameron K It starts from 0 on any Asian Handicap bet placed In-Play.
Kristina my bet is over 4.5
Kristina there were 5 corners in the game
Kristina my bet won!
Cameron K Unfortunately it appears the bet is settled correctly, it would appear you have not fully understood the market however, as advised when placing bets on any Asian handicap market the stats start at 0, any corners taken before the bet was placed do not count towards the end tally.
Kristina OK. I am gonna write to essa now. I am gonna file a personal complain against you, as you think im some kind of idiot.
Kristina I understand everything correctly. You list only 4 corners for the first half, when your stats are in fact wrong. There were 5 corners taken. I placed a bet on over4.5 corners, which means my bet won!
Cameron K This is not the case, the Asian handicap market starts from 0 at the time the bet is placed for example if 5 corners are taken at the time you place the bet, and you have over 5 corners, you need to have a further 5 corners from the time your bet is placed, this is the Asian Handicap market, it is not a normal Corners market Kristina.
Kristina I send you enough links supporting this. Official TV channel broadcasting the game also lists 5 corners.
Kristina I have placed no bet on asian handi cap.
Kristina Please refer me to someone who actually knows whats he is doing.
Cameron K You have placed the bet on first half Asian Corners, this is the Asian lines market, any corners taken before your bet was placed do not count towards the end tally.
Kristina They count.
Kristina You really think I am that stupid?
Cameron K This is not the issue here, I have fully explained why your bet has Lost, unfortunately you do not have to accept this but I assure you the information I am providing is correct.
Cameron K They do not count, you have chosen an Asian line.
Kristina You are gonna get fired, I am filing personal cpomplain against you. As well as I have a copy of this whole chat thats gonna be send to ESSA.
Kristina I bet over 4.5 corners, the corners wre 5. My bet won!
Cameron K One moment please. I shall raise this although the information provided is correct I assure you this.
Cameron K You need to be fully aware in the future of what you are placing your bet on as when selecting an Asian market the stats tallied before bet placement do not qualify.
Kristina On first half asian corners they qualify. I know what I'm talking about, so please stop acting stupid.