Bet-Football Betting Broker ??


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Does anyone have any experience or review with this company?

There are some Portuguese guys that started promoting this broker as a solution for players at the upcoming gambling law restrictions.

It seems like premium tradings but with Absolutely NO TAXES in deposits and withdraws (400€ minimum).

They offer all asian typical bookies and also Betfair and Betdaq accounts with lower comission.

They are regulated by but I dont know if im going to open an account with them or stick with more experience broker like PT.



They talk about 'offering accounts'.That suggests placing bets direct to the bookie's website,using an account that they will set up for you.
Is that one of the things they say that they do ? If you are trying to bet from a prohibited country,then that is unlikely to work with bookies like Pinnacle,SBObet and IBCbet,because they have software that locates the country you/your computer/IP are in.So you would have to always use the TOR browser if,for example,you were betting from Portugal after the new law came in.Even that might not work,because all TOR does is randomly re-locate,so it might appear that you were in the USA,and those bookies wouldn't let you bet from there,either.
They also seem to offer a service where they place bets for you by Skype.Those services tend to be for large amounts only - eg 300 Euro minimum.I would also use an odds comparison service like oddsportal or betbrain to make sure you were getting the full odds - especially if they were allowing you to bet less than 300 Euros.
N.B. I used to have an account with Sportmarket,which seemed like it offered a good way to bypass the gambling restrictions when asian bookies started banning UK customers because of the new point-of-consumption tax.At the last minute,they told UK customers that they couldn't bet through them.


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They are a broker so I believe they have a kind of software that allows us to login and have all odds from all bookies on the same platform, just like Sportmarket or asian connects.

Regardless Betfair and exchange accounts I believe they give us the login details and then we can login in our accounts of course if our country is not restricted.

If it is they suggest using a VPS so that we access with a UK or Irish based IP and have trading software as installed on the VPS.

I will look further into this.