BET 365 >? I dont trust them

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Mar 9, 2014
There are some strange thing with this book ..

1.) I picked a winning bet ... they said it was a looser so I went to the customer chat .. there was 75 people in line ? then it was a winner and the line went to 0 ..

2.) Won a 6 team Parlay on Womens NCAA and they have a 50% promo on NCAA Parlay bets, because I bet 6 its 20% they said it didn't qualify but they would give to me this one time.. I said you should change your wording as the NCAA is both Men's and Women's.

3.) Now this happened to me last night 3/8/2014,customer service would not credit me the 30 pounds .. WTF!

I bet a Parlay of 6 and was was watching the last game
Mitsubishi Koalas vs Chanson V-Magic

And its a win!! YES!! 90$ in my account ,I go on betting . And 1/2 hour later my money has disappeared . WTF !

I So I checked my account and its showing as a loss ? I don't see how this could be as I watched the game .. and checked 2 websites that shows the score that I saw 72-48, I called Customer Service and they said that the game went to over time and was over my bet and I lost.

Bet 365 says the score was 70-78 Overtime? there was nooo overtime !

I don't know where there getting there official results from ? but its BULLSSHITT!

I'm not letting this slide,Calling them back tomorrow. bunchhh of AHOLESS !

No. Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result
1 Under 221.5 ATL Hawks @ LA Clippers
(Game Total In-Play) 03/08/2014 None 1.90 Won
2 Under 108.5 New Mexico @ San Diego St
(Game Total In-Play) 03/08/2014 None 1.95 Won
3 Under 130.5 UCLA @ Washington St
(Game Total In-Play) 03/08/2014 None 1.90 Won
4 Under 125.5 Fresno St @ San Jose St
(Game Total In-Play) 03/08/2014 None 1.83 Won
5 Under 138.5 Mitsubishi Koalas Women vs Chanson V-Magic Women
(Game Total In-Play) 03/08/2014 None 1.83 Lost
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