B-Bets - very slow payments


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Hi all,

Anyone have problems withdrawing from B-Bets? Their live chat always say the same thing "We've sent payment, you'll receive it soon, blah blah" but it's not the case. Last year I'd a similar incident whereby I'd to use another bookie dispute site and that was the only way I got my money from them. This time the same problem - extremely slow payouts. The only reason I went back to B-Bets because they offer good bonuses. It's like they don't care to send payouts when users request them only when you get a bookie disputes website involved they take it seriously. Sometimes their delayed payouts feels "criminal" like they aren't going to payout.

Anyone had similar problems with them?




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They've recently been granted a UK licence in the name of their parent company Condor Malta Limited, but they don't seem to be accepting UK customers on their site yet.


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Update:I have emailed my bank statement to prove they haven't paid me. I asked them from the beginning to pay me via Skrill and they said yes. Then I get opposite answers from their live chat saying "We've paid your skrill account" or "We've paid your bank account".


I want everyone to be very wary of Condor-Affiliates group. B-Bets, 24Bettle, CasinoSieger and CasinoRembrandt are all 'sister sites' under Condor-Affiliates. They may have all the licences or whatever they need to operate a casino/sportsbook but their withdrawal system is the worst I have ever experienced in my life and after I get my money back from these Jokers (big 'If') I will never use these books ever again. They offer wonderful bonuses and friendly live chat but there's a far more serious problem that's obscured and that's their withdrawal system. I've wasted too much time and effort with these Jokers when other books I use payout much effortlessly and when they say they'll. Last year it took me 3 months to retrieve all the money they owed me from 3 of these sites.

All these sister-sites use the same payout system. First they have to approve payments which takes 3-4 business days then once it's approved nothing happens!!! Your payment just sits in the system with 'approved' stamped on it and that's it. They pretend they've paid out and expect you to follow-up and jump through hoops and they're like "Oh sorry, it's our fault" whilst all the while they hope you forget about your withdrawal and they end up keeping it.

In conclusion I have emailed a bookmakers group who investigate this type of thing and he said for me to wait 3-4 more working days before he contacts them on my behalf.

Use these Jokers at your own risk because I won't be!!!