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Nov 20, 2012
Mar 30, 2022, 16:45 GMT+8
Chat started: 2022-03-30 08:18 AM UTC
(08:18:07 AM) shakyhandsuk: Hi.Placed tennis bet on handicap Bencic v Osaka Osaka -1.5 sets [ML set H'cap]. Odds shown on slip were 2.28.Bet went to running at 2.24.Not surprised that odds were falling,but again,issue with wrong odds displayed,both on screen and on betslip,and I did not offer to take 2.24.When can you fix this issue ?
(08:18:14 AM) Asianodds Support: Hello! Thanks for your message, please wait a moment while our agents attend to you.
(08:18:14 AM) *** Jorge joined the chat ***
(08:18:37 AM) shakyhandsuk: Hi,Jorge.
(08:18:51 AM) Jorge: Hi, Good Day!
(08:19:18 AM) shakyhandsuk: This has occured several times,with different bookies.
(08:19:40 AM) Jorge: we're sorry for the inconvenienced caused
(08:19:57 AM) shakyhandsuk: when can you fix it ?
(08:22:06 AM) shakyhandsuk: ?
(08:22:22 AM) Jorge: as we have checked the odds was same with the bookie
(08:22:57 AM) Jorge: we are just following what bookie offered
(08:23:04 AM) shakyhandsuk: They weren't the same as the odds on the slip,or on the screen
(08:23:18 AM) shakyhandsuk: that is the problem
(08:24:27 AM) shakyhandsuk: Also,when the slip is offered to the bookie,if the odds are different,the bet should be offered with a reduced odds warning,but that is not happening
(08:25:25 AM) shakyhandsuk: ?
(08:27:50 AM) Jorge: as we have check this is a normal bahavior of our platform
(08:28:25 AM) Jorge: as the odds change same with the bet palcement window
(08:29:03 AM) shakyhandsuk: the odds on the slip should not change once the slip is displayed
(08:29:36 AM) shakyhandsuk: because as a human being I cannot react in real time
(08:30:00 AM) shakyhandsuk: this is not a video game
(08:30:12 AM) Jorge: that is the normal behavior of our platform once you click
(08:30:25 AM) Jorge: if you want you can set a min. prize
(08:30:45 AM) Jorge: so your bet won't be accepted
(08:31:03 AM) Jorge: we're just following what bookie offered
(08:31:25 AM) shakyhandsuk: The default minimum price should be the odds shown on the slip,which should not change
(08:32:07 AM) Jorge: we are offering real time odds
(08:32:14 AM) shakyhandsuk: then if the actual odds have falle,I should be offered the option of accepting the bet at the amended odds
(08:32:29 AM) shakyhandsuk: that always used to be the case
(08:32:58 AM) shakyhandsuk: the odds displayed are not in real time
(08:33:11 AM) shakyhandsuk: they are out-of-date
(08:33:48 AM) Jorge: we're sorry but that is the behavior of our platform
(08:34:15 AM) Jorge: we can only advice you to enable min prize
(08:34:30 AM) shakyhandsuk: so you display out-of-date odds,and then bets get matched at reduced odds
(08:35:34 AM) shakyhandsuk: because the screen is out-of-date,and there is no doublecheck on the betslip ?
(08:36:28 AM) shakyhandsuk: also,I cannot even take the best odds,because I cannot se who is offering the best odds
(08:36:46 AM) shakyhandsuk: sorry,'cannot see'
(08:37:01 AM) shakyhandsuk: ?
(08:37:29 AM) shakyhandsuk: and none of those things will change?
(08:39:35 AM) Jorge: we will discuss your issue with our Team to check it further but for now we can only offer you the enabling of min prize for you to avoid placing bet with a different odds
(08:40:35 AM) shakyhandsuk: all I need is a default minimum which is the odds displayed on the betslip.that always used to be the case
(08:41:09 AM) Jorge: Alright we'll take note of this