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Do not trust this sports betting broker. I have opened an account with them before 3 months, i was playing small amounts of money and it was ok with them, but before 2 weeks i increased my stakes and won nearly 10.000 euros and they locked my account with all my funds. 2 weeks of discussion and they can only provide answer "We are still checking your case"..
Most hilarious thing is that before registration they gave me guarantees, that asianconnect will not limit players over winnings:
"Rest Assured that your account will never be closed and the book will never limit your account",
but here we are, unavailable to receive my funds and winnings.


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Pascal44 said:
<p>Bizarre... Asianconnect88 pays well usually.</p>

I hope they will make conclusions and pay me as well. Or at least starts talking and explaining why we came to situation like this.


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I posted my experience with asianconnect88 on few forums and seems that publicity helped- my account was unlocked.
Seems that problem was not asianconnect88 but matchbook itself.


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Guys Stay Away from This Broker-Agent take your money out bevor he closed your acounts..:::Warning not play whit Asianconnect88 he have Closed my Acount / Fairexchange wen j have lost no problems its all ok for this this guys ,,, but after j winning he closed acount and dont pay me out !!!!! this is the email from today:
Crish (Asianconnect)

Aug 8, 14:07 CST

Hi Gxxxxx,

I hope this email finds you well.

We are writing to inform you that we have been notified by our upline regarding irregular betting activities found in your account. In this regards, upline have decided to suspend and put your balance on hold for further investigation.

We thank you for your understanding on this matter as we have no control over upline's process in connection with player’s betting pattern.

We will notify you once we have received any updates from Upline.

If you have any concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Best Regards,
Support Agent Team

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Same paste post has been made on several forums. And no further follow up.

From what is posted it appears that Fairexchange has suspended his account for investigation.

Not certain why rambo2011 is so sure that he wont be paid. Must know something we don't at a guess.


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I do not think such big agents Asianconnect or BET-IBC will not pay your money cause they do not let their prestige down. Also, probably this investigation is making by fairexchange so asiancoonect is an agent the situation comes from the bookie. I am sure it will be solved soon.


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Attention from Asianconnect88!!!! NOUW 8 DAY !!!! Fairexchange Acount is Closed !!!!!! and he will not give money out !!!!!!


Going through a broker/agent may make things a bit more difficult,but you should still be able to identify your account using details of the bets that you had.So it may be worth trying a complaint against Fairexchange,using the button on the right of this page.


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I have registered an Orbit account via AsianConnect.

Just won 550 euro and now my account is suspended since 2 month.... Support tells me all the time the same excuses.. its absolutly not worth opening a account with them.. they are scamer...

I see different money volumes on BetFair and on Orbit for the same market.

For example I put a back bet for 1.66 with 75 EUR stake and I see this on official Betfair site as 45 EUR. Both account are using EUR as currency.
they lay 50% of your every bet and if they don t like the way you bet they just close your account....

they just don t like winner. once you win they can close your account without further notice.. don t use asianconnect!!