Account Closure and forfeit of funds on Unibet


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My name is Georgiana, and I have a dispute with Unibet. More than 11 days ago they've closed my account and frozen all my funds (430 euro) without a proper explanation. I have tried to resolve the problem amicably but they refuse to answer why they've closed my account and also refuse to pay me my money (I will send you all the mails I have from them - send and received). At the beginning they said that I've breached the terms and conditions, point 2.3, and only after I've insisted they said that I've participated in Syndicate Betting, which I barely know what it means. I'm confused because the majority of my funds were won on playing games, and I haven't won any big betting slip. I send a recent mail on Friday to inform them that I'll will intend a complain on a specialized site, but they haven't contacted me yet. I think there is a mistake done here as I've done nothing wrong. I hope you can resolve this problem. The most important thing are my funds, which I think they don't have any rights to withhold, but if the misunderstanding is resolved I would like to keep the account also.
I'm looking forward to your reply.

Thank you very much.


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Not the only complaint I see this week on Unibet on BMR.
I do think that you are very optimistic in thinking that it is all a misunderstanding and that you could possibly keep your account open. The best possible outcome is that you get your money back.