5dimes voids average market line bet


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Oct 23, 2013
I'm a professional arber and I made a bet on 5dimes and an opposite one in last night's match between Olympiakos and Man Utd.

The line was Man Utd +2.5 at 1.063 in 5dimes and Panathinaikos -2 (three-way handicap) at 26.27 odds.
This would give me a 1.76% arbitrage.
After the game, I went to 5dimes to see the bet I took there was cancelled. I spoke to them in chat and on the phone and they said the line was not along with the market. I said I could prove them wrong and sent them the print of my betfair's bet.
Their answer was comic and showing lack of experience on betting which makes me think how can people like this be in front of such a big book. Their answer:
"Your bet is not in the same event or outcome of the one you placed in 5dimes."

I answer them back saying simple math can prove the opposite line at betfair was at 1.04, so 5dimes was along the market, "obvious line error" could not be an argument.

They ask me to present this to FBI as a joke.
How can this be?

Print of the two bets:
Bet in Betfair: http://postimg.org/image/m4lp79mj7/
Bet in 5dimes: http://postimg.org/image/fsgmltbvn/


Nov 20, 2012
Hi,Milkystairway.5 dimes is top-rated by BMR,so post that to BMR as a complaint in accordance with with the sticky at the top of the forums page.Hopefully BMR will be prepared to mediate on your behalf - especially considering that you have written helpfully in the forums previously.Please tell us what happens !


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Feb 20, 2014
Hi i have been beating the books for years,for along time i thought it was only safe to bet with the top 3-4 uk books nothing has changed except even the top uk books seem to not want to pay sometimes.But it seems more and more firms are not only not paying winnings but also keep all in your account.When betfair came along i was lucky to be in from the start,never had a problem until the dreaded pc charge was introduced.Now even betfair are prone to void winning bets.The worst is when you trade in running and then at the end of the match instead of you being all green you have lost becourse they decided one of your bets was late even though they had a 8 second delay.