22bet account closure


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Oct 19, 2019
Hello, i have been betting with 22bet for a while now but today they just decided to close my account with money in it.Here are the details.

​Good Day. We are bringing to your notice that we made a decision to stop any collaboration with you (closing your gaming account) on the basis of General Terms and Conditions of the Bookmaker Company:
Should the bettor commit fraud in respect to the bookmaker (such as the registration of multiple accounts, the use of automated betting software, arbitrage betting, if the betting account is not used for betting, the improper use of loyalty schemes, etc.), the bookmaker reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by:
-bet cancellation;
-closure of the customer’s account with the balance being refunded;
-filing a claim to a law-enforcement agency.
Effective as of October 19, 2016
The decision was made after rigorous investigation of the case by The Security Department.
We ask you not to create gaming accounts with The Company.
Due to the fact that your actions have been recognized as flagrant violation of The T&Cs of our Company, the decision of stopping any cooperation with you was final and not subject to further appeal.
All further questions concerning the case of blocking from your side will be ignored.​​​​​​


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Nov 20, 2012
So has the balance been refunded in accordance with those conditions ? If not,try pointing out to them that their own conditions stipulate return of the balance,and ask for it.


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Oct 8, 2019
Thanks for the info! I've been using BetCris for awhile now and I've had no issues getting my money out. But I do use bitcoin so maybe that's the ticket. Which funding methods were you using?