1Xbet.com SCAM!


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Hello Admin,

I already sent you my complaint against 1xbet.com.

They still hold my deposit amount too.

Still now they don't respond me.

Kindly please take some action them.


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This is the full details about 1xbet scam website.



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If 1xbet don't respond to newBMR then there isn't a lot they can do. I said this to you on your other post.

There are lots of complaints about this bookie and they appear to have incredibly low margins - it is highly likely that they may have cash flow issues and are stalling on paying out. As you have read on your original post some people have waited a long time for payouts.

Email newBMR for an update, but they will likely tell you that 1xbet are not responding


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Hi sir,

Today 1xbet refund my deposit amount 2000GBP.
But they hold my 1977GBP Profit.

Please friends, Don't use 1xbet.
They cheat you when you made good profit. They void all bets if you made big profit.

Please don't use 1xbet.