1xbet blocked my account with 1742€


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Excuse me my english is bad
I have a big problem with my 1xbet account.
For several weeks, my account is blocked with my balance of 1742 €.

I tell you my story
After I win 1200€, 1xbet blocked my withdraw and asked me to provide him documents:
- a copy of my identity card: My scan was refused because he wanted a photo
- screenshots, confirming my gaming account via my e-wallet
Screenshots were refused several times
1.Refused because I had said it was captured with my mobile, off it was wrong.

2.Then refused because the screenshot was badly framed, then refused 5 times because the framing was not good

3. Then refused because I had, according to them, used a graphic software

4. Then because my screenshot was not full sized

5.Then screenshots of sections "My Accounts", "My Cards" and "My Profile" my e-wallet.

- finally a strange thing with a picture where I am holding your ID card near my face on the background of the mailing with security department.
(You will notice that 1xbet never asks for all the documents in the first mail. It does it separately, you feel that it will never end. Between the mail it makes last as long as possible and refuse documents for false reasons)
After several days of waiting I was able to make a withdrawal. From this moment all my betting odds have dropped between 5% and 15%. Example a rating of 2 was worth only 1.9

Having withdrawn from my winnings and lost a little, it remained on my account about 100 €. With a lot of luck several bets were winning to follow and my 100 € became in 3 days 1830 €. I immediately removed 95 €. From the next day my account was blocked with my balance of 1742 €.
I contacted several times the chat that told me to contact "security-en@1xbet.com" but "security-en@1xbet.com" never replied to my messages. So I tried to reconnect to my account and opened a request page to ask where it was mandatory to allow 1xbet to use our personal data and to contact the Russian police if necessary!


In times the completed form and transmitted a message told me that I will have an answer within 48 hours

48h exactly after, I received an email telling me that I would have another answer ... in others 48h

So I received another email after 48h telling me to log into my account

where I had to fill out a form with strange questions like the name of my employer (it's illegal to ask that!)

It was very difficult to send this form because the "send" button did not work
You can see it on this video
I was forced to repeat this many timesand during 1 hour

Finally I received an email asked me to connect to my account
- a copy of my passport
- screenshots of my 1xbet depots by my ewallet (they already have them!
- my statements of accounts indicating my deposits on my e-wallet
And to send all these documents not mail to Russia! It's crazy !

1xbet finishes the message saying that there will still be other instructions then but we do not know what!

You will notice that here 1xbet asks for copies while it was uncertain at first, it wanted pictures. There is no logic

I do not have a passport because I do not travel. It is not compulsory to have a passport
I contacted the "security-en@1xbet.com" service to tell them and ask to send a copy my ID card instead and here is the answer to all my request mails
"Your account is under review at the time, you should follow the instructions listed on the website"
I have sent more than 50 emails to ask them, I send them every day and I receive from time to time a mail with a single sentence, always the same "Your account is under verification at the moment, you should follow the Instructions listed on the website. " Who never answers my question.
Probably they never read my mail

I will send my identity card and the documents requested by mail to Russia but I am very afraid that these scammers use my papers to spoof my identity. Because yes 1xbet is a scam

I do not even know why my account is blocked. 1xbet gives no explanation despite my numerous mails. I have already done a lot of checks, they just do not want to pay my winnings!

I am distraught, I do not know what to do.
1742 € represents a lot of money for me and I am afraid I will never receive it.

I turn to you hoping you can help me


kikou01,if you do not want to send 1xbet copies of your identity because you are afraid that they will steal it,and you decide not to send it,then you will not be able to get your money.If you do decide to send it,then my advice would be to take photos of your identity card with a digital camera,and then email them to 1xbet in file form - possibly as JPEGs.If you do that properly,1xbet should have sufficient evidence of your identity - apart from the scans of your ewallet.For those,1xbet should be satisfied with a scan showing your name and the deposit together with the time that it was made[if the statement only shows the date,that might have to do].I agree that sending physical photos of your ID in the mail is very risky.1xbet should not be demanding that. If you are ever in a situation where you are having difficulty in getting money from a bookmaker,it is a bad idea to continue betting while you are trying to get the money - because if you were to win more,it might reduce your chances of getting paid.


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Thanks for your quicunx reply
Unfortunately I have already done all checks with sends in jpeg photo iD card and many others still (read the beginning of the email with the screenshot of the mails)

1xbet goes much further this time, probably to discourage me and keep my money

It seems to me that 1xbet it is not a bookmaker but a scam


Sorry,kikou01,I had not properly checked all of your links.It might be worth giving the red complaints button a try - at least there would be independent verification that you had provided the correct information.


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Good night quincunx

I did not understand what you mean by "It might be worth giving the red complaints button a try"
On the video it is the end of the form and the button sends does not work. It is necessary to repeat several times and to wait a tens of minutes the open page so that it ends up transmitting it


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I sent my documents to 1xbet. I am obliged, but one is really in the absurd.
The manner in which this bookmaker behaves (refusal of withdrawal, blocking of the account, recurrent request of document, see documents already transmitted, ...) is irrespecteuse of the client, we can even say illegal
I understand that SBR rated them D-, the blacklist limit

I think it will be very difficult to review my money
I hope that my experience can serve others: flee this book, never entrust your money to him!


I can understand your reasons for wanting to give up,kikou01.However,right now,1xbet are able to argue that your documents are not valid.If you were to submit the documents to this site - I am assuming that this site looks at documents - under the complaints procedure,that could make it much harder for 1xbet to argue that the documents were not valid,and take away their excuse for refusing to pay you.1xbet might not want the extra bad publicity.


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I may have been misinformed quincunx, I have already done all the verification procedure in the past and all my documents (ID card, screenshot, picture where I am holding your ID card near my background on the mailing with Security department ...) had been validated and accepted by 1xbet.
I could withdraw my money

Then after a big gain, my account was suddenly blocked. This is not a way of getting along with customers
Since I have no answer from them by always except: "" Your account is under review at the time, you should follow the instructions listed on the website "

They make me wait several days from one form to another form and now I have to send my identity documents, bank statements and screenshots by mail to Russia. It never stops and it is always more and more complicated

We see that all this is done to discourage us and not pay.

I think that person had the same concern as us. Since 4 months she is still not paid

This is a big problem, 1xbet has confiscated our money and we do not know if we will see it again


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I'll keep you informed

I therefore sent by post my documents on February 24 in registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt for proof of sending
On 11 March, the letter arrived at the address given

Big problem, it will come back to me because 1xbet is a company that does not exist visibly
Here is what the follow-up tells me: Attempt of distribution unsuccessful

This means that the address they gave me does not exist

I do not know when it's going to stop, it's already been over a month
I can never contact 1xbet, I always have their automatic reply
I think my money is lost, I do not know what to do, I'm crying


Hi again,kikou01.Thanks for keeping us informed,and I am sorry to hear of your continuing difficulties with 1xbet.I have tried to research them,but have encountered difficulties because they block both UK and US players - I am UK -based and I tried using the TOR browser to re-route but it probably kept doing that via the USA.Anyway,they do appear to be registered in Curacao.Double-check that,and then I suggest that you contact the Curacao authorities and point out that 1Xbet have provided you with an address that does not exist.That should put them in danger of having their license revoked.


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Unfortunately there is abundant evidence on this forum of payout problems with this operator and until they start getting some positive feedback, they should be avoided.


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quincunx said:
<p>Alternatively,you could try threatening 1xbet that you will do that if they do not pay you immediately.</p>

Thank you for your help quincunx
I also filed a complaint about SBR. An SBR administrator says that the address exists because other people have sent their documents in the past
I also have another player who sent his mail with proof to signature and has the same problem as me
Maybe the 1xbet address is only a mailbox with nobody to sign.
1xbet being a scammer, there must be a lot of disgruntled and the address of their office may be secret

I keep your solution aside, as a last resort if the verification does not work


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Trevrizent said:
<p>Unfortunately there is abundant evidence on this forum of payout problems with this operator and until they start getting some positive feedback, they should be avoided.</p>

+1 Trevrizen

1xbet is not a real bookmaker
- the high odds offered by 1xbet are fakes because they exist only for the losers
- 1xbet blocks payments by asking for absurd and disproportionate checks. It feels like being caught by the FBI ^^
- 1xbet blocks accounts to not pay its winning players

1xbet is a scammer but not a bookmaker. I hope that reading this topic will prevent other players from being cheated by 1xbet


Hi again,Kikou01.Suppose you were to contact the Curacao authorities about this as a dispute.Their address does exist,so you could post your documents to them.It would then not be possible for 1xbet to claim that your documents were not valid.I do not know whether the Curacao authorities would permit that,but it might be worth asking them.


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Thank you quincunx

Do you know how to contact Curacao authorities? Is there an email?

I also read that 1xbet was regulated by Estonia?


compliance@curacao-egaming.com When I tried to access the 1xbet website I got a Curacao egaming logo,together with the link that I just gave,and the message 'this website is not available in your country'.That is because I am based in the UK.You should be able to access the 1xbet website and doublecheck who they are regulated by,I cannot.


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I filed a complaint to Curacao authorities
I will keep you informed of the answer

Thank you for your help quincunx