1xbet '' Biggest Fraud In Online Gambling History ''

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Nov 11, 2019
And this move they made was SAVAGE.

Someone should really make a Netflix series about revealing this Mafia.


I wanted to share my story with 1xbet and warn people using it. I played over a year in 1xbet and made many big withdrawals without any problem before they decided to steal from me.

Anyways hear me out.

10th of August they started long verification process with me and declined my two withdrawals after I won about 7k. I have played a long time in 1xbet. Never any issues. Account has been vertified before. Vertification process was long and difficult but I passed it. Same kind of mad vertification process as another 1xbet scams. You don't come across with this kind of process at any other sportsbook or casino.

I got email I can withdraw my funds 12.08 01:30. I was sleeping. Right then, almost at same time there is bets made in my account. To empty it. Amount is 13000€ .I have not made bets in the site after my withdrawals was declined 09.08. Now my account is empty.

In my bet history you can see that I have never made bets in these leagues or that time at night. Bets were made at the same time I got email that I can withdraw my funds. I don't know was it some rogue employee or pure fraud. Sadly I was sleeping.

1xbet is biggest fraud in online gambling history. Thousand get scammed yearly. They have declined my refund claiming that these bets were made by my ip and device. They aren't providing any proof of this. Just a word. No real regulatory authority behind them so they can do what ever they want.

Just common sense people. Use Google. Read other people stories about 1xbet. No other betting site/casino have these kind of reviews and reputation. Same kind of scam over and over again. Sponsoring big football teams and serie A to whitewash their reputation. Whis I had listened others.

Fraud is so obvious is really ridiculous. Just check this out and figure yourself. From latest casino bonuses under 1xbet complaints you can see some screenshots.
If interested and want more more details contact ---I have so many screens about emails and bets made.

Best regards
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Nov 19, 2019
En pidä tästä toimistosta. On olemassa suuri petosriski, eikä pelaajien suhteen ole rehellisiä toimia. Pelaan tällä hetkellä online-kasinot in Finland ilucki.com ja koko pelin vuoden ajan minua ei ole koskaan petetty. Kaikki tapahtuu hyvin rehellisesti ja nopeasti.
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