18bet.com stole my winnings



Oct 25, 2014
Hello ,

this site calls 18bet.com is pure SCAM . . they raped all my winnings ( like 200 paund ) and suspended my account...

They are saying i manupilated their rule below...

5. Any bets placed on any type of Handicap (except 3 Way Handicap) or Over/Under bets will not count towards the rollover.

my bets was like this ( live bet )

min 10 Atlas win first half
( both lost anyway )
min 25 Atlas win fist half...

Also this 18bet.com doesnt allow combinate live games , doesnt allow combinate more than 5 games , doesnt allow you to choose any league you like to bet , doesnt allow any market you like to bet....

Example :

X team VS Y team : 2.5 over
A team VS B team : 1
C team VS D team : both scores
E team VS F team : 3.5 over

impossible to make a bet like this...you can only bet what they OFFER you . . but when you look their page you can see most of the games has more than +25 market...but unfortunately u cannot combinate them and choose any market you like and they never mention anything about this...
All they do is after you deposit money and start winnings they just make excuses and suspend your account...I already reported this scammers to neteller.com...I hope i can get my money back....

Incase anyone want to deposit 18bet.com I highly recommend to STAY AWAY .... Dont let them steal your money....




Oct 6, 2014
I don't see why you used over / under bets in your example - they are against the bonus terms so you wouldn't be able to place these bets anyway.

You bet on the same team twice at different points during the game, you could had bet over your allowed limit on that team. Although the software allowed you to place the bet, you may not have really been allowed to.

If they are saying you manipulated the rule, then maybe you placed a bet on first half handicap (there are markets for this). Can you still access your account or do you have screenshots of your bet???

I have done this type of bet before, backing half time result but instead it was a handicap market.