18bet.com is a thief site


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Do not deposit on this site 18bet.com , if you will earn money they will block you account and you will erase all amounts you have in the account.
This happened to me when I won €240 , they said that they had violated the rules of the bet because I bet 3 times the same game, €1, €1, €10


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Can you give more details on this complaint please?

It sounds like you have violated casino bonus terms as opposed to a sportsbook bonus.

Most casino bonus only allow a maximum stake of either a certain percentage of your deposit / bonus or a set maximum stake value which is usually in the region of £/$/€6.50

From the little information you have given, it sounds like you broken this term on a casino game. They should have either reset your balance to your intial deposit or reset it back with your bonus + deposit to start again.

If this is a casino complaint - you may want to try complaining to casinomeister


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So what was the bet??? It's difficult to advise you with such little information.
How much was your deposit?
What were your bets? - you said you made the same bet 3 times, this may be the problem especially if you were wagering with the bonus. Some bookies do have a term that states placing multiple bets on the same event will be void. This is usually in the terms of bookies that have a maximum wager limit on bets made with a bonus (there isn't that many around, but I have seen this term before).

For example -if the term states you cannot bet more than 50% of the bonus on one bet / outcome, then if you have a bonus of £20 your max wager must be £10. If however, you were to wager on the same outcome inplay or place additional bets on top afterwards, these will still be recognised as one bet greater than the terms allow thus being voided by the bookmaker.

If you made a mistake, then you should have contacted customer services and let them know, they would probably have been sympathetic. Not doing this would make it look like you intentionally circumvented the limits in the terms.

While I'm sure you will say they should have software in place to recognise this, it is either not cost effective or simply a lot more difficult to implement than it sounds.


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I tried to communicate with them that bets placed by the sum 1 euro are misplaced, and they can cancel it 3 bets and not to use extreme measure to remove my credit of €240.
They could hardly wait that i do a little mistake to penalizing me.
They should most cancel these 3 bets, it would be a reasonable decision


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So you made 2 bets of €1 by accident before placing a €10 BET?? Once might sound believable, but twice????

You should have contacted customer service after the first bet! The term you violated is boldly highlighted in their terms and conditions.

I'm sorry you seem pissed off but I would have to side with 18bet on this.

From 18bet:

11. Multiple bets placed on the same selection or bets made on opposite sides with the same outcome may be considered as bonus manipulation at our sole discretion.
18bet reserves the right to cancel those bets and any winnings generated from them, and/or to reclaim all bonus and winnings money accumulated by a manipulative customer at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion. 


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yourmum said:
From 18bet:
11.Multiple bets placed on the same selection or bets made on opposite sides with the same outcome may be considered as bonus manipulation at our sole discretion.
18bet reserves the right to cancel those bets and any winnings generated from them, ...... </p>

Excuse me, but why they wrote this part??
Is it a part of their rules ??
Why 18bet.com he wrote this rule and not applied in my case??
Why they implement only part which were interested in them??


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Yes it is a part of their rules - and by the look of it, it has clearly been targeted by bonus humters (and possibly fraudsters ) as it is highlighted in a different colour to the rest of the terms.
There must be a glitch in their software which allows bettors to bet more than the maximum allowed.

If this is why the rule is highlighted and has been happening to them a lot, then they have probably decided to cancel all bets and void the winnings from them.

They haven't implemented what suits them. It says they reserve the right to cancel the bet and the winnings from them.

This rule has been applied as you made 3 bets on the same selection, which is against the term, and as a result cancelled the bet and the winnings. As they have determined it as bonus abuse, you have lost your bonus as well.

It is important to read the terms before betting, especially when a bonus is involved. Also 18bet's bonus rollover is very poor and doesn't represent very good value.

If you are unsure about a bonus / its terms then ask live chat or ask on a forum such as here or sbr etc..

There probably isn't much you can do, but if you are being honest about contacting livechat about cancelling the 2 bets you said were made in error + you have proof of this then newbmr might be able to help