18 bet bonus cancelled


New member
Dec 4, 2014
i opened an account in 18bet on 17th of november, i made a deposit € 20 the next day and i used their bonus promotion of 150%.then i start playing foolwing all the instuctions of their terms for bonus and i started winning, after 4 days i had € 700 and bonus and real money together, then the next day they blocked my ability to bet in their site asking me for security reasons, as they said, some files, isend them the next day and i was waiting from the to open my account, so i can continue betting and meet the rollover expectations.but for my suprise instead of that they send me an e-mail saying that my bonus is cancelled and all my winnings are being revoked bacause their antifraud department detected that my i.p. adress was used again for taking advantage of their promotional sign up bonus. after that i send them an email telling them that i had never in the past used their site and asking them more information.next they send me that they can't provide me more information bacause is confidential information, but at the end they provide me the full match of IP - that they are claiming that it has been used from me and someone else as they said.searching the i.p., without knowing so many things about this stuff, i discover that the i.p. matches to a proprietary company, my cell internet provider, vodafone.i explained to them that this i.p. is not mine, but it belongs to my cell internet provider, but they insist that their is a Duplicate account, without still giving me any more informatio about that.in your opinion do you think they cancelled my bonus and reddem my winning correctly?is there something i can do about it?thank you for your time.