18 bet are useless! Never bet with them! Please help me.


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Jan 28, 2014
The best possible way to do this is copy and paste what I would have sent to IBAS however 18bet aren't registered with them so I feel I may be clutching at straws posting here but here goes.

Hi there. I am sick and tired everything going in bookmakers favour and just because they have t&c's saying their say is final they think they can get away with everything. I hope IBAS actually does something in this instance.

Last night I placed 3 bets on Fylkir to beat Throttur in the Reykjavik Iceland Cup. The final score was 3-2 to Throttur. What came out after the game was the controversial revealings that Throttur fielded 5 ineligible players who were way above and beyond the standard of the competition. One of whom named, Matt Eliason scored - see his LinkedIn profile, he is NOT a professional footballer and is NOT registered to this football club.

I spoke with the Icelandic FA before, who may I add have the official say in the scoreline and they say an automatic 3-0 victory is awarded to Fylkir as Throttur breached the rules of the Football Association and will face further punishment. This all meant that bookmakers odds were completely wrong and based on a game where half the team were unregistered players, yet they still accepted bets of punters who weren't to know.

Please see the official score on the Icelandic Football Association's website: http://www.ksi.is/mot/motalisti/urslit-stada/?MotNumer=31887. 0:3 to Fylkir.

Whilst I stay on scoring, 18bet tell me the reason the bet stands as a settled loss is because in their system it says the 'official result' is a 3-2 win to Throttur and therefore bet loses however the official score is on the Icelandic football website. Even so, all other databases state the score was also a 3:0 walkover to Fylkir. Please see soccerway and flashscores underneath. Surely the most official score of them all is that given by the Football Federation of that Country itself.



I truly hope you inspect these elements because the trading department at 18bet sure aren't. They are a profit seeking, fairly unknown organisation who claim they have the intentions of the customers at their heart but are acting in a foul manor here. They continue not to reply to my emails either.

Whats more is when I spoke to the Icelandic FA over the phone (and you are more than welcome to ring them yourself) they assured me that the game is settled as a 3-0 win to Fylkir and are more than happy to cooperative further.

Attached are my 3 bet slips adding up to quite a substantial amount of money and I expect 18bet to settle these as wins (as this is the official result) or at least a refund as the match was eventually a scam and 5 players were effectively illegal!

I can't believe bookmakers think they can get away with this and I hope you have the courage to overturn this call as I am outraged.

Please feel free to call me and discuss and let me know the outcome ASAP.

Just on a final note, does anyone truly believe that if punters actually knew there were 5 illegitimate players fielded who were above the standard of the match they would bet on the opposing team? Course not. There would have been no bet.

Whats more is this match has now had all stakes refunded on William Hill. But nothing yet from 18bet. 18bet state direct me towards their terms which suggest they go off official confirmation from the football federation that governs that given game and the Icelandic FA(see above link) has governed it 3:0 to Fylkir. I don't understand why they won't void, aghhhH!

Very angered customer.

Kind regards,
Freddie Priestley


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May 21, 2013
Section 1.5.1 of 18Bet's general betting rules states that '...results will be decided within the means of the official result of the respective governing body at the time of the market settlement...' The phrase 'at the time of the market settlement' strikes me as crucial here. I'm guessing that the Icelandic FA first recorded this result as 3-2 to Throttur and only awarded the game to Fylkir some time later when it subsequently emerged that Throttur had fielded a number of ineligible players. If the market was settled before the issue of the ineligible players surfaced and at a time when the Icelandic FA was still recording the score as 3-2, then, according to their own terms and conditions, 18Bet have done nothing wrong in settling the game as a 3-2 win for Throttur. I don't want to dishearten you and I really hope you get your stakes on the game refunded, but unless 18Bet are prepared to refund them as a one-off gesture of good will in exceptional circumstances, then I don't think you are going to get anything out of them. Before you do anything further, it might be worth asking the Icelandic FA whether at any stage, however briefly, they recorded the result of this game as 3-2 to Throttur. Good luck in any case.


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Nov 20, 2012
Excellent reply,Trevrizen.You certainly have my sympathies,Freddiep123.I'm afraid the reason bookies have these rules is to enable quick payouts.The irregularities were discovered quickly in this case,but sometimes it takes longer.