$1000 BMR 12-week All-sports Challenge--> FINISHED


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Oct 31, 2021
$1,000 BMR 12-week All-sports Challenge

You may be a good football handicapper but how good are you at NBA/NCAA hoops, NHL, MLB, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Nascar, Boxing, or even MMA?? Put up your Dukes’...Put ‘em up!!...Put ‘em up!! Lucky for you we might even throw up some USFL football games in April for you to pick from.

Contest runs from Monday, March 7th until Sunday, May 29th

You up for the challenge??
Here is how to participate:

Step 1
Sign in to your free BMR Forum account.

Step 2
Make up to a maximum of 3 selections daily. Up to 10 games from various sports will be posted in an official lines thread to select from each day (posted the night before). Submissions must be turned in all at once in one post prior to the listed start time of your earliest selection. Picks cannot be changed once submitted.

You will receive 1 unit for each selection that cashes. Negative unit for a loser. Ties/Draws No points and No pts for canceled game/early retirements(tennis) but will still count as a selection. A running leaderboard will be posted showing the units won per contestant. The leaderboard will be updated at least once each week.

Prize structure:
1st. $250
2nd. $175
3rd. $150
4th. $125
5th. $100
6th. $60
7th. $50
8th. $40
9th. $30
10th. $20

Bonus Prizes:
We just might have a few. Expect the unexpected here at BMR. We like to keep things interesting so pay close attention to the daily line thread.

1. All prizes to be paid by bitcoin at the end of the contest.
2. In order to claim your prize, you must sign up for a new account with any of the sportsbooks on the best sportsbooks list: Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline, Bookmaker, Everygame, JustBet, or WagerWeb. Accounts must be created through the tracking links from that page or in this post. Send the BMR Forum account a private message with the account number and with any questions.
3. Must have submitted a minimum of 180 selections (252 maximum) with at least 15 of them during the final week of the competition to qualify for a prize. In the event of ties, prizes will be split and combined equally.
4. BMR Forum reserves the right to cancel an entry if it is determined the user is in violation of the spirit of the contest, or to roll up/roll down a prize as is necessary. Any disputes in grading events/scoring will be determined by BMR Forum.
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Oct 23, 2021
what a goddamn joke

pretty sure i said enik worked for bmr and was told NO NO NO

now, hes hosting every contest

what a shitty site

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Jun 16, 2016