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Oct 31, 2021
BMR's $1500 Last Capper Standing Bracket Challenge

How to Play

Step 1:
Create Free BMR Forum account.
Step 2: Create an account with one of BMR's best Sportsbooks using this link: https://www.bookmakersreview.com/best-sportsbooks/
Step 3: Enroll here using Google Docs.

That’s it! Return to this post for a link to submit your picks beginning August 8th

Run Date

Monday August 8th – Sunday, September 11th

Prizes for Bracket challenge (final 4):Prizes for bonus contest: Predict the winners of the bracket head-to-head matchups.
1st. $5001st. $150
2nd. $3002nd. $100
3rd. $1003rd. $80
4th. $1004th. $60
5th: $50
6th. $35
7th $25

Registration form

If 32 poster bracket:

All 32 earned a bid.

Contest Format:


The 32 entries that are eligible for the bracket will be put in a random number generator with a time stamp to get their seed number and placed accordingly onto a bracket. This bracket will be made available for posters that choose to participate in the bonus contest. They will fill out the complete bracket with scoring as follows:
  • Rd 1: each win is worth 2 points
  • Rd 2: each win is worth 4 points
  • Rd 3: each win is worth 8 points
  • Final 4: each win is worth 16 points
  • Last Capper Standing: worth 32 points
Week #1 August 8th through Week #5

Using the BMR odds page select up to 3 plays per day (all in one post) using the odds from any of the books listed

  • Max of 3 plays per day. Minimum of 15 plays for the week and a maximum of 21.
  • 1 unit will be deducted for each play under the 15 minimum.
  • Cancelled games count as a selection.
  • Any play you see on BMR odds page between –300 to +300 is acceptable so get familiar with the odds page as there are quarters/half's/totals and more available.
  • All selections must be detailed as possible including 1.date of scheduled event if not the same day, 2.name of sport if game is on a different date, 3.type of bet with line/spread, and 4.which book selected. No lazy posting. Anything missing and that play will not count. Simple as that. NFL spread plays will be graded as -110 if not posted other bets canceled if no juice listed
  • Take your time posting because you only have 1 post each day and there is no editing of picks and but allowed ONE 2nd post for corrections/explanations within 3 minutes. BMR has final say with any disputes.
  • Daily plays will look similar to this(again all in one post):
Steve Johnson+200 mL
Cleveland +120 mL 1st 5 innings
Rafael Alves +162 mL

Fine print

1. All prizes to be paid by bitcoin after the contest ends and accounts are re-verified.

2. In order to participate and claim your prize, you must first sign-up for a new account with any of the sportsbooks on the best sportsbooks list: Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline, Bookmaker, Everygame, BetAnySports, JustBet, or WagerWeb Accounts must be created through the tracking links from the Best Sportsbooks page prior to participating in the contest. Send @BMR Genie @Enikk a private message with any questions. Users who previously submitted an eligible account for a BMR contest may use that account.

3. In the event of ties, prizes will be split and combined equally. In the event of a tie during head-to-head matches than the poster that selected the most plays will advance. If both have the same number of plays than the poster that turned in their selection 1st on the final day of the head-to-head week will advance. Posters may pm their picks in the final 2 days of each week to poster @Enikk

4. Members are allowed 1 entry. 1 entry allowed per household. BMR Forum reserves the right to cancel an entry if it is determined the user is in violation of the spirit of the contest, or to roll up/roll down a prize as is necessary. Members are expected to be active in the community forums throughout the contest. If found to be cheating, members will be banned from all future BMR contests. If fake or unconfirmable sportsbook information is provided than members will be eliminated immediately from the contest.

Additional rules:
-There are times where posters may be on the same selection/player/team or against(including rL, mL, 1st Half, FG) but anymore than once would be sketchy so for this contest no more than one play on or against per day and no more than 3 times all week(if picks are turned in the last 2 days by pm than the play on or against would not be intentional). You can be on totals if they have a spread though or vice versa. I encourage every poster to PM in their final 2 days of plays to me. If you are playing me than than PM to Genie/Bobby/Wagerallsports but include more than one as they will have to be around to post the plays after each game starts.

-Overnight plays are allowed to be posted after 10 PM eastern as long as BMR odds page has lines for them but remember all 3 selections will need to be posted together.

-You can NOT use the same team/total for the 1st half and full game as 2 of your plays. Example: No Toronto/Balt under 5 FF and have the under 9 FG. Also no Balt mL and Balt RL or Balt 1st 5 and FG. You are allowed to use a total and a team in the same game though. So Toronto/Balt under 5 FF and Balt ml is ok. balt/tor FF under and balt ml ff is ok. Balt ml and balt/tor over 9 is ok.

-When pitching changes occur than the closing line will be used for all plays on that game. Heritage/Bovada/Betonline lines will be used for the average of the 3.

-Tennis plays: retirements will be graded depending on which book you use. If you select BAS or 5Dimes than plays will be official after one complete set. If you select as any other book or chose to screenshot your lines from a cellphone than all tennis retirements will be graded as a canceled play but counts as a selection.

-Rules from the book you use will be used to grade the plays you select. If you chose to screen shot your plays from a cellphone than Betonline's rules will be used since it does not show a book and just gives the best line available.
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Dec 11, 2021
Good luck teacher. Holy smokes I love TB. Yanks always a good fade after a Redsox yanks series next day.


tb +212 heritage
minnesota -177 betonline
Texas -153. Heritage
This guy kicked my ass in the 1st round & now he’s kicking some more ass in the 2nd round.



Dec 23, 2021
You’ve been eliminated and lost 500 to me in 1st round. Maybe you should sit these threads out after your terrible performance.
Right...maybe you should stop making excuses about why you won't bet real money anymore and put your real money where your mouth is...instead of continuing to blow hot air...you should sit these threads out after your pathetic excuses to not bet anymore...



Jun 16, 2022
Not sure of teachers numbers but i am pretty sure this one is over as i am 11-0-1 for plus 12.12 units..TB started this off on monday coming in t win straight up as a PLUS 212 dog.. i have been on a absolute heater the last 7 weeks, but actually have a great year going also.

good luck over the weekend teacher......
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