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    Do You Know How To Read A Screen?

    believe it or not an art and what books to follow and what moves mean what and at what book Sounds confusing and it is
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    Is there a way to turn off wager % and opening lines in odds page?

    Bet %'s are a useless tool
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    Rudy: coming in the game

    what book?
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    Books Broke About Even This Past Week

    after massive wins the last 3
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    I dont get Maryland hiring Danny Manning

    Terps a dead sports school too hard to recruit there
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    is Nick Saban the Belichick of College Football, and Who's better at their craft

    Neither Both have great players Georgia wins 35-0 yesterday if Bama does not have number 1 NFL draft pick I heard Bill did not even want to draft Mack Jones
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    Georgia -7.5 over Michigan & Bama -13.5 over Cinci

    Bet both dogs and both overs you will show a profit
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    NCAA Playoff lines

    Over Bama game
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    Two More Golden Rules Of Sportsbetting

    Never ever bet an over and never ever bet a favorite
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    Championship Sat NCAA football

    When 2 good teams play in any sport it’s virtually impossible
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    No Enticing NFL Games Today From A Fan's Perspective - In-Game Action

    Almost every single game is vital today
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    Will Chris Cuomo Be Sacked?

    CNN is realizing their personalities aren’t working ratings at an all the time low
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    If your Son was a Starting College Football QB

    lol what a dope its a federal offense Gamblers such losers they way they think
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    95% of gamblers should not be betting high volume of games

    The math will never work out for you, Of course if you’re just doing this to have fun and a lot of action there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you know you’re gonna lose kind of like entertainment money. Most of our high-volume guys as far as games bet flat out lose. Basically if you have...
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    I'm rethinking Ga -6.5

    I don’t know how anybody could take Georgia -6 1/2
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    Minnesota Vikings To Make The Playoffs: Yes (-115) Or No (-115)

    No They have no chance
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    12.3.21 Action

    Outstanding that always helps going into the weekend off a confident night
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    Teen Faces 10 Years After Sucker Punch At Basketball Game

    This kid should never be allowed at that school again and he has to do some time you have to teach these people lessons I’ve always believe the United States needs some form of fascism to get us back in line and disciplined
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    I'm rethinking Ga -6.5

    Never overthink anything I just think George is going to have trouble with the Alabama quarterback
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    I'm rethinking Ga -6.5

    Bama ML Looks too easy