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    HELLO i just want tell this bookie not paying to players.... they refuse comunicate with me when i ask for my money.. i wait for my money since february
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    i cant send a complaint to

    hello if we want send a complaint we should send to this email adress but i try several times and the email allways not send.. what i can do to send my complaint against a bookmaker? thanks
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    where i send a complaint agains bookmaker

    hello i try to send my complaint against sending a email to this adress but i receive a email that my email is not sessufuly send how i can write a complain against this bookie? i need to recover my money and i dont know what i can do more...
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    hello few months ago i made a regist on this bookmaker and i made a deposit.. after i place several bets i requet a payout on value of 500 euros...this request is on february.. when i request this payout the bookmaker close 2 months now they reaopen again but i dont recieve my...