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  1. BMR_Brad

    Bovada the biggest book in the Philippines

    I hear cock fighting betting is big there
  2. BMR_Brad

    $175 the gold today

    Make some cash Oddy. Good luck today
  3. BMR_Brad

    Teasers Only Today

    4 Teamer Oct 24 NFL [452] BALTIMORE -½-105 (B+6) Oct 24 NFL [456] GREEN BAY -3-103 (B+6) Oct 24 NFL [458] TENNESSEE +10½-114 (B+6) Oct 24 NFL [462] NEW ENGLAND -1-110 (B+6)
  4. BMR_Brad

    Motorsport Tips 23-24 Oct

    Hope you believed that enough to cash Ty Gibbs with me. Taking Raul Fernandez +175 to win the Moto2 race in about half an hour Jack Miller missed pole by a few thousandths. Hamilton odds have drifted out to +175 at Bovada after Max Verstappen beat him for pole. I still like him to win and...
  5. BMR_Brad

    Franchise Posters Wanted

    @GamblingmanC's You can just post a link to a youtube video and the forum software auto-embeds it. No need for Youtube's embed code.
  6. BMR_Brad

    All Bonuses Thread

    Thanks ACE
  7. BMR_Brad

    Early Game

    Thanks Choc 🎅
  8. BMR_Brad

    Early Game

    Tailing blind -3 Been on a nice streak. My lucky money might help.
  9. BMR_Brad

    Motorsport Tips 23-24 Oct

    No beuno with Hamilton but I really like this one for MotoGP Qualifying at 8.10am ET Miller, Jack (Winner) To win Pole Position +250 Qualifying: Emilia Romagna motorcycle Grand Prix 2021
  10. BMR_Brad

    Baseball Has To Be Getting Bad Ratings

    They should do a mid season 2 week long knockout tournament, during the slow period before football. 7 per side 4 innings each with one overtime inning and then some sort of penalty pitch out Must use at least 2 pitchers Bigger strike zone Home Run scores 3 extra
  11. BMR_Brad

    Looking for a "sure" win

    Lewis Hamilton on Sunday
  12. BMR_Brad

    Motorsport Tips 23-24 Oct

    Positive start, Bottas cashes. (sorry wrote saturday instead of Friday for him) Rolling half those winnings on to Hamliton fastest in Practice 2 +120 in 5 mins
  13. BMR_Brad

    Who Is Biggest Bettor here??

    FunnyB Whale.
  14. BMR_Brad

    A Notice On Some of The Tech Issues

    I see 9 books at a time. I think you might have your browser zoomed in. Maybe try setting it to 100% and see if that works.
  15. BMR_Brad

    Motorsport Tips 23-24 Oct

    Nearby. Antipodes. Fingers crossed Bottas kicks the weekend off the right way. Got another tip for anyone with a Betanysports account. NASCAR Cup race Sunday at 3.00pm. Kyle Larson beats Denny Hamlin +125
  16. BMR_Brad

    Detroit Lions +15 Or Houston Texans +17.5

    Good question! Lions. But probably neither really. 10-30 and 9-38
  17. BMR_Brad

    Motorsport Tips 23-24 Oct

    F1 - USA GP Valtteri Bottas Fastest in Practice 1 +250 - (12.30pm ET Sat) Lewis Hamilton Win Race -115 - (3.00pm ET Sun) Xfinity Kansas - Ty Gibbs +400 (3.00pm ET Sat)
  18. BMR_Brad

    Baseball Has To Be Getting Bad Ratings

    Cricket introduced a big hitting short version of the game and it revived the sport.
  19. BMR_Brad

    Football Season Bonuses 🏈

    That one was early in the season Ace. Probably expired now.
  20. BMR_Brad

    Your biggest casino win?

    Uggh. I am feeling your pain from here. Sat next to a mate who went on tilt and lost 15k in 15 mins which he had spent all day winning at $25 blackjack then had to drive the 3 hours home with him in the car steaming all the way. Welcome to BMR