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  1. hazliam

    Withdrawal/Use alternate coins for payout/deposit right now.

    The mempool on Bitcoin is jammed packed. The unfilled request on the blockchain is about the 6 mth high. If you depositing or withdrawing expect hours if not days of delays. If you have alternate coins, good time to use it for faster transfer.
  2. hazliam

    November 2022: Sportsbook Payout Time Tracking

    Wondering why do you do so many smaller BAS request? Because when I look at the fees BAS put to make it fast, they put a good amount extra on network fees.
  3. hazliam

    Betonline down?

    Anyone able to get in?
  4. hazliam

    Bovada Message

    Yeah. Funny thing it went from $12k above regular limit to $1.25 in a month lol
  5. hazliam

    Bovada Message

    You can figure out what the system limits you, base on hitting max bet. $5k normal, $1125 first limit, $625 limit 2, 375, I got stuff at $1.25
  6. hazliam

    Anyone teach me betanysports lines?

    Prime on major lines, takes up to $2.5k on risk. And you can rebet if it isn’t the same line. Like 10.5 points, 7.5 points. ML.
  7. hazliam

    How do sportsbooks keep mid management?

    Weird question, but if you a mid level manager at a sportsbook, I am thinking you earn $60-150k. With all the knowledge of the weakness of a sportsbook, wouldn’t it be more profitable to be a Sharp player? You seen where people attack the books, what winning players have in common. With all...
  8. hazliam

    Bitcoin fukking DESTROYED

    How is that absolutely false? Again you already said congress dictates the the budget. The president can sign off on it or not,, if not that goes back for a vote. You make it seem like the president and the treasury is all power with your 100% it is his fault. In the same regard then...
  9. hazliam

    Bitcoin fukking DESTROYED

    The treasury prints the money, physically but the amount decided to be created is the job of the Feds. Any President and his Treasury don't go have lunch and say lets print $1T and make it happen.
  10. hazliam

    Would you tell strangers that you live off sports betting?

    But don't go telling your sportsbook or bookie, you make a living beating the crap out of their peers!
  11. hazliam

    Would you tell strangers that you live off sports betting?

    I tell people that, it's nothing different from telling people you are a trader or a poker player or even a sports player. You do something well enough you generate positive cash flow from it.
  12. hazliam

    Bitcoin fukking DESTROYED

    You know monetary policy (easing or tightening the money supply) isn't controlled by the executive branch right? Biden have control over fiscal policy spending. But in terms of who is suppose to directly work the money supply issue, it is the Feds.
  13. hazliam

    Damn Bitcoin! Everytime

    I withdraw a few days ago. I wasn't expecting the big drop lol
  14. hazliam

    Bitcoin fukking DESTROYED

    Differently not, I mean there are factors that he inherited from Trump too. The approach Trump took to Covid, delayed national respond creating a more severe lockdown down the road. Easy Monterey and fiscal policy during Trump administration, also would create more adverse tightening during...
  15. hazliam

    Do sportsbook share client?

    The top books, or do books like bookmaker and betonline knows the dudes from small shops too?
  16. hazliam

    Bitcoin fukking DESTROYED

    I can say Biden is a contributing factor to inflation, but the bulk of it isn’t his fault. Factors that contributes to it, when did we easy Covid restriction. Over pushing environmental policies and tightening on big oil projects. Trade relations with China. Not saying was he right or wrong...
  17. hazliam

    Bitcoin fukking DESTROYED

    The drop hurt so bad, I don’t even wanna gamble today and just drink booze.
  18. hazliam


    You are right, I actually did a $1 opposite bet knowing it was bad in their favor against a $1 bad line in my favor. They only remove 1 side of it.
  19. hazliam


    Sometimes the problem isn’t you put the line when it was bad, but the line then got stuck and it eventually became bad.
  20. hazliam

    Crypto volatile don’t withdrawal from books.

    When crypto is moving a lot don’t withdrawal from books. First the mempool is saturated with request, so it will take a long time when they put your money out there to get to you. Second from my previous issue, if they make a mistake and give you less, it is much much harder to prove if the...