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    OBJ injury causes NFL stars to advocate for banning turf field in stadiums

    Agree, this should have happened years ago
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    The Halftime show

    I'll take Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide over the SB show they just had
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    How "F"ing happy is Matthew Stafford

    Getting out of Detroit, where he never had a chance, and in his first year with the Rams, he goes out and wins a Super Bowl ring. Good for him.
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    Rams WR Cooper Kupp named MVP

    That was a brutal hit
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    Will Odell Beckham Jr. Stay With the Rams After Super Bowl LVI?

    The bigger question is, is he worth the trouble? and do they really need him when Woods comes back? I say No, just my opinion
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    Rams WR Cooper Kupp named MVP

    I love the guy and by far the Best Wide receiver in the NFL 2 TD's and 92 yards tonight, plus if it wasn't for him, I think we get a different result.
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    Adrian Peterson arrested in L.A. on felony domestic violence charge

    When are these guys going to learn? You're a Star athlete, you can't be fighting on the plane with your wife or anybody else!
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    📢🏈Bengals vs Rams Super Bowl *PRE/IN-GAME DISCUSSION THREAD*🏈📢

    Did he just give himself up? Weird play
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    Why no one competing against Matchbook?

    Wasn't there a couple that tried, and failed? ( Years ago ) I forget if WSEX was one. But we all know what happened there.
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    3 Keys For Bengals To Cover The Spread Against Rams

    Protection for Burrow will be a big key. That front 7 of the Rams are tough and will be bringing their A-game. Also agree with Tanko there. If Stafford has time, he's going to hurt you. Thanks for the video Donnie
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    Anyone have Future wagers for tonight's NFL Honor awards?

    She gets a pass because she's a woman. other than that, I've never heard a guy say that. lol
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    The best part of this article is when he got in trouble a couple of years ago. You'll recall, this is not the first time Robinson has been accused of being in possession of a large amount of illegal drugs ... the offensive lineman was arrested back in Feb. 2020 after he allegedly had 157 pounds...
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