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  1. goblue05

    Poker Event #8 Saturday February 10th at 8pm

    Can you send the code. Gonna try to play this one.
  2. goblue05

    College Football playoff scenarios/opinions discussion

    Texas has the head to head against Alabama so they would be in and I personally think FSU should get in over Alabama but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t because they’re undefeated. Alabama definitely has better wins but I don’t think FSU should be punished for missing their QB.
  3. goblue05

    College Football playoff scenarios/opinions discussion

    Shouldn’t be Georgia should be out and Texas and Alabama in with Washington and Michigan.
  4. goblue05

    🏈 12/2 Saturday College Football Conference Championship Edition All Sports *CHAT & IN-GAME THREAD*🗣️📢

    Georgia better be out if they lose or these conference championships are so stupid.
  5. goblue05

    Memphis +3.5

    Taking this today against Villanova. Got to take them if I’m getting a few points with Memphis.
  6. goblue05

    Gotta pay $30 a month to watch todays early game action

    On the Flo Sports App for college hoops. Why can’t they just put this on ESPN + which I already pay for and now gotta get this shit too. Already got BIG + too to watch all the other BIG Ten action for the smaller games.
  7. goblue05

    Enough is enough, POUND the IOWA HAWKEYES ML -155

    These refs are trash that was pass interference just like the one where Illinois had to settle for 3 and they picked it up.
  8. goblue05

    Enough is enough, POUND the IOWA HAWKEYES ML -155

    Illinois might win with their backup QB but their not going to win with Altmeyer
  9. goblue05

    Some good college hoops on tonight

    Who do you like?
  10. goblue05

    Michigan VS St John’s 630 EST

    This game opened with Michigan being I believe -1.5 but now they are a +2.5. Still no coach Howard thankfully. Michigan has looked surprisingly better than what I expected. Their PG Mcdaniels has looked really good in his first two games this season and so has their transfer center NKAMHOUA...
  11. goblue05

    Bovada Live Bet Bryant TT under 58.5

    Definitely picked up but just skid by.
  12. goblue05

    Bovada Live Bet Bryant TT under 58.5

    Against Rutgers. Don't see these teams scoring much if play continues the way it was.
  13. goblue05

    Take Liberty Live -11.5

    There going to win by 20 +
  14. goblue05

    🍁Black Friday Deals

    Perfect time to rock a sharks sweatshirt
  15. goblue05

    If your wondering where the two best college basketball games are on tonight

    There are on Barstool Sportsbook App.
  16. goblue05

    Reminder: NCAABB Kicks off Nov 6th - 184 games on the schedule

    I just watched the game. JMU is an okay team. Its still too early in the season to see what a team is going to be like at the end when they play different competition. That foul when JMU player was shooting a 3 with like a minute left in regulation could have cost Michigan ST the game.
  17. goblue05

    I will be doing a college Basketball give away around the holiday Thankgiving

    CK bringing Thanksgiving to everyone multiple times of the year.