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  1. Firedawg

    Rudy 12/17 -- early play needed and more

    i love Athens
  2. Firedawg

    This forum is trash.

    bobby you are such a clown lol
  3. Firedawg

    Rudy: Suicide by mods

    about the same as you shoving a twinkie down your throat age videoing it
  4. Firedawg

    Alabama Crimson Tide Dogs For first time In 93 Games

    bamas D is not excellent this year they may show up saturday, but they are way down this season
  5. Firedawg

    Seahawks @ Washington Monday Night Football

    skins front may give wilson trouble tough game
  6. Firedawg

    Championship Sat NCAA football

    iowa w ky wake uga
  7. Firedawg

    Heritage Software Fan Or Not??

    i do not like it
  8. Firedawg

    Bovada Best Book In World

    zeta out of the game too long
  9. Firedawg

    Bovada Best Book In World

    i never played there cuz of the rumors over the years i gave them a shot recently and they are by far my favorite as far as them limiting i know a fellow poster who has wrecked them for months pulling five figures out multiple times in a short period of time he has not been limited
  10. Firedawg

    NFL Overtime 🏈⌛

    i do not like the new college rules so no
  11. Firedawg

    The NCAA foots late card Sat

    had usc ml damn
  12. Firedawg

    NFL Sunday

    g men over 45
  13. Firedawg

    I need a big time play today, anyone got one?

    nice job big o
  14. Firedawg

    Live bet Alabama?

    great game
  15. Firedawg

    Live bet Alabama?

    don’t care they get curb stomped next week
  16. Firedawg

    Live bet Alabama?

    past bama teams good bet not sure this team has the juice
  17. Firedawg

    Live bet Alabama?

    i’m on auburn +21 got them live @+400 early