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  1. bpstyles

    What's the best underdog story in sports history?

    Yeah, it would be like if you took a NCAA all-star team, gave them three weeks of practice, and then had them try and beat the Kansas City Chiefs.
  2. bpstyles

    What's the best underdog story in sports history?

    I mean ... you can get rid of "maybe" It is. Everyone else is just arguing over who is second. There is a great 30 for 30 called "Of Miracles and Men" where you get to hear from the Soviet side and it's nice because you get to see their side of the situation. Some are content but some are still...
  3. bpstyles

    My state launches sportsbetting end of month 😱.

    Like others have said, the more the merrier. Max out the bonuses and enjoy any promos. Otherwise, just line shop as usual. I live in a state where it is legal and have money in FD and rarely use it, still use offshore. It's been weeks (and I place 15 bets a day) since I've found a better...
  4. bpstyles

    Anyone know earlier Bundasliga future prices?

    Thanks, just curious. More accurately, I hope someone comes in with a win ticket on Dortmund so we can all be happy for him.
  5. bpstyles

    Anyone know earlier Bundasliga future prices?

    On January 10th, I put in a future on Leipzig to win Germany. Got it at +1600. At the time, my entire thought process was I didn't like how Bayern was playing and I could see them choking. At the time, Leipzig was four or five points up on Dortmund through like 12 or 13 games. What the hell was...
  6. bpstyles


    On a side note, they really have to find a better way to announce things on their site. The pop-up thing is absolutely fucking infuriating, especially on mobile. Worse, they use it for anything. A goddamn slot machine is not working optimally and they have to put a pop-up on the main page, on...
  7. bpstyles

    New BETONLINE interface

    lol, it goes from 9 to 100
  8. bpstyles

    Any Good Music? pt. 2

    Don't know what exactly in your wheelhouse but this is something I heard recently that I really liked
  9. bpstyles

    Any Good Music? pt. 2

    I'll take any new metal suggestions. Haven't heard anything exciting lately on XM Liquid metal.
  10. bpstyles

    Any Contrarian Gamblers Here??

    Oh god, it's Jonathan Applebaum
  11. bpstyles

    Don Best Steam Plays 4-26-23

    What did this one steam from because ohhhh boy was this some wild shit. Score 52 in first and then 51 and 53 in next two quarters to sit at 156 going in to the fourth. Total is 189. They score 32 in fourth lol No points in final 1:24, 5 pts in final 2:48, 11 in 6:38 Zhejiang...
  12. bpstyles

    Question about a 3rd party live service

    The live wagering platform that BetAnySports uses under their "Ultimate Lines" brand and you will often see on a lot of credit sites (PPH and I think redfigues skins for sure) ... is there a name/site for this one? I ask because it is a fucking disgrace lol. It's near impossible to get wagers...
  13. bpstyles


    I did the exact same thing but went 0-2 so never had to worry about 1) getting paid out or 2) ever depositing again. Even if only 25% of the stories I've heard about Mybookie are true/accurate, then it is still way, way too much to bother. To original poster, use the place for the 50% bonus...
  14. bpstyles

    Need to worry about BetAnySports?

    OK good to know. I still have money in BOL/BM and will never leave them. I just loved the -105 on all the major sports.
  15. bpstyles

    Need to worry about BetAnySports?

    I see they are A+ which is why I deposited last month. This is the first new book I have had in 10+ years. I've been using BOL/BM/Heritage and locals forever but I liked the five cent line section and figure it is rated well here so no problem. I signed up three years ago but only deposited...
  16. bpstyles

    April 2023: Sportsbook Payout Time Tracking

    Anddddddd limited. 19 days of betting and no more props. Let's see how fast this next payout takes lol
  17. bpstyles

    April 2023: Sportsbook Payout Time Tracking

    No idea why but I played along since it was my first withdrawal there.
  18. bpstyles

    April 2023: Sportsbook Payout Time Tracking

    Glad I found this place. Didn't realize this is the new spot. Anyway ... BetAnySports $800, almost immediately after confirming who I was in a phone call.