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  1. terpkeg

    Why does no one talk horse racing anymore ?

    Too much vig
  2. terpkeg

    College Softball Betting Lines

    Thanks for responses. Was not familiar with Bet105
  3. terpkeg

    College Softball Betting Lines

    Anyone have any? Cannot find. I read they were available for super regionals and CWS last year.
  4. terpkeg

    World Cup line prediction - USA vs Vietnam

    Any dudes playing for either team?
  5. terpkeg

    Do you really think gamblers love to lose?

    Dopamine rush comes whether you lose or win. I think there is some research that you get hits from just placing the bet.
  6. terpkeg

    Roughing the Passer Yes/No

    Bunch of offshores stopped servicing NJ. Not sure why specifically but came after regulated sports betting here. So they closed my account along with any affiliates. Same at Bovoda.
  7. terpkeg

    Roughing the Passer Yes/No

    Anyone see this offshore or in NJ? BOL and affiliates have it but I cannot play there. Thank you in advance if anyone can assist.
  8. terpkeg


    Always used them without issue back in the day. What happened to this place?