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  1. LordBrooks

    What is your favourite league/team to bet on ?

    Mine is Arsenal in away game. :D
  2. LordBrooks

    Manchester City heavy favorites for the next year Premier League

    Man City just won the Premier the weekend when Utd lost against West Brom. So I believe and probably the odds will validate me that Man City is the heavy favorite. Now a risky bet is saying that Man City is going to win the Champions 2018-2019, IMO they are not ready nor have the history...
  3. LordBrooks

    The NBA is not softer, it got better.
  4. LordBrooks

    Now we know who is going to play in the semis of Champions. My bet is Real vs Liverpool in the final.

    This are going to be great games, and dont forget Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid.
  5. LordBrooks

    This Champions league belongs to Real Madrid

    Looking at yesterday game against Juve, I am more convince everyday that Real Madrid it's going to win this edition of the Champions. They dont only play a very offensive game and have Ronaldo, the other teams respect them too much. Don't get me wrong Liverpool and Roma have great football but...