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  1. kakad

    Lowest Juice: Pinnacle vs Bookmaker

    Enjoy those perks while they last cause if Bookmaker considers you 'non-recreational' they'll cut you off from all of them.
  2. kakad, live betting bar

    Site was working fantastic for me the past 2 days. Fingers crossed.
  3. kakad, live betting bar

    After their last maintenance update( May 29th?), their website was borderline unusable for me. It would work for a minute and then nothing would load and the console would be filled with timeout errors. Removing the live bar has at least made the website work for me again. It's still not nearly...
  4. kakad

    Pinnacle Hack?

    Maybe just a website/technical glitch? I know Pinnacle had a weird log in error for about 30 minutes yesterday. Might want to enable 2FA just in case, though it kinda sounds like a pain in the ass if I'm being honest.
  5. kakad

    Bookmaker's website is total garbage

    Yep, yesterday the site was getting better. Today, back to dogshxt. Hopefully you guys are complaining to live chat about how shit it is since their maintenance/update a week ago. They told me I'm the only one complaining.
  6. kakad

    Bookmaker's website is total garbage

    Yes, slow loading and issues here as well.
  7. kakad

    Betonline account drained of $5055

    Never had an issue with BOL. They pay me out in under 5 minutes. That being said, this isn't the first time I've read about an account being 'hacked' or having funds disappear over the years. Just Google "betonline money missing" and take a look at results -- especially ones from SBR.
  8. kakad

    Pinnacle Withdraw Delay

    What method? Interac Etransfer is the only method that would hit your bank account on a weekend.
  9. kakad

    Pinnacle sports $50,000 litecoin withdrawal NOT ACTUALLY SENT PLEASE HELP THEY ARE UNRESPONSIVE

    Fairly certain Pinnacle uses a 3rd party for crypto payments. My bitcoin withdrawals are listed as "Cryptopay #XXXX...", so I think it's safe to assume they use in some fashion. And that excuse from Pinnacle is BS. I can request a Bitcoin withdrawal, get a confirmation email within...
  10. kakad

    Bookmaker's website is total garbage

    Oh it happens at BetCris too. What is even more annoying is the line change/bet acceptance happening almost simultaneously, but in reverse order. You think your bet was rejected because the line changed, but in fact it was accepted at the new line, but the bet acceptance notice has quickly been...
  11. kakad

    Pinnacle is Threatening to Confiscate my Six-Figure Balance

    Their crypto provider screws you over on payouts. I lose 2 to 3% getting a Bitcoin payout from them. Would not be surprised if the same holds true using Tether.
  12. kakad

    Thoughts on GTBets?

    Pinnacle (or more likely their crypto processor) screws me out of at least 1.5% on payouts no matter the coin, so even the best aren't immune to this chicanery.