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  1. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    When the phone rings at Dr. Steven’s house at 10:00 p.m., his wife receives the call and passes it to him. “It’s Dr. Silver”, she says. “I hope it isn’t an emergency”. Dr. Steven receives the phone and says, “Hey, what’s the matter?” “We need a fourth player for poker”, Dr. Silver says. “Are...
  2. kostasmalina

    UFC 298 Good Card Tonight

    Costa and Kopylov for me. Both middleweight underdogs at just under +200 each
  3. kostasmalina

    Crazy ALL IN (-1300 UFC) risking 48.6k

    Have this in my big $100 parlay. GL man
  4. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    Trump and Obama at the barber shop: By accident, Barack Obama and Donald Trump ended up getting a shave at the same barber shop at the same time. They each had their own barber. The barbers were nervous, as perhaps things would get nasty. Trump’s barber was almost done and was getting ready to...
  5. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    Why does Trump’s doctor prescribe anti-depressants? Because he is prone to His-panic attacks!
  6. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    Why is Trump’s hair like wearing a thong? They both barely cover the *sshole.
  7. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    What do Elon Musk and Thomas Edison have in common? They both got rich off of Tesla.
  8. kostasmalina

    AO Futures Parlay: Sinner/Pegula to win $277k

    Rooting for you. Popyrin made things interesting with Novak yesteday
  9. kostasmalina

    NFL Wild Card Round discussion/lines, etc.

    Solid bet by JDS. Everyone is on the Rams, it's not going to stay at +3 till game time for sure.
  10. kostasmalina

    2024 Tennis Picks/Conversation

    Had Busca give me two heart attacks an an ulcer. Good fking win man!
  11. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    What did Miss Piggy give Kermit for Christmas? A ham-job.
  12. kostasmalina

    Cincinnati vs Kansas City O44.5 +101

    I'm not surprised if this is like 6-3 at the half :( GL and Happy New Year, I'm not betting this!!!
  13. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    What’s the most disappointing thing for a lover on Christmas morning? When they get a sweater, but they’re hoping for a screamer or a moaner.
  14. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    You know what’s so great about this time of year? You can slam your laptop shut when your partner walks into the room, and you don’t get any disgusted looks.
  15. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    What do snowmen use to make snowbabies? Snowballs, of course.
  16. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    Dear Santa… Define good.
  17. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    Why is Christmas like an orgasm? The closer it gets, the louder you get about its arrival.
  18. kostasmalina

    Tell me a joke

    Did you hear that Santa Claus joined Instagram? He wanted online presents.
  19. kostasmalina

    12/26 Tuesday Bowl Games + NBA Edition *All Sports *CHAT & IN-GAME THREAD*🗣️📢

    Quick Lane Bowl: Bowling Green vs. Minnesota DETAILS: Dec. 26, Detroit, ESPN, 2 p.m. First Responder Bowl: Texas State vs. Rice DETAILS: Dec. 26, Dallas, ESPN, 5:30 p.m. Guaranteed Rate Bowl: Kansas vs. UNLV DETAILS: Dec. 26, Phoenix, ESPN, 9 p.m.