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  1. BMR_Brad

    Australia v China WC Qualifier

    That was a sad and disappointing performance from the Aussies. I got lucky and my bet was voided as McLaren didn't start the match. Although I wouldn't have felt that way if McLaren had scored the winner when he came on for the last 20 mins.
  2. BMR_Brad

    Rams to Blowout the Niners

    NFL being NFL, again.
  3. BMR_Brad

    Australia v China WC Qualifier

    Australia Win + Jamie McLaren scores +138 10am ET
  4. BMR_Brad

    [RESOLVED] 1xbet Never received a withdrawal processed on 28/10/21 !

    Welcome Ben. We'll ask a 1xbet representative to try and help with this.
  5. BMR_Brad

    Any Sports Books Still Give Out Cool Gifts For Holidays?

    I don't think we really want to know Bobby.
  6. BMR_Brad

    Jon Gruden is suing the NFL

    It sounds like he might have a case if the emails were leaked specifically to damage him.
  7. BMR_Brad

    Enikk's small BM weekend reload

    It's usually the toughest two months for me too, and last week and this week has ended up about break even overall. So guess I should not complain. Did the same today though, no bets after a lot yesterday. Only NFL bet today is Kelce TD & 60+ yards. If it wins I escape with profit for the week...
  8. BMR_Brad

    1 pick this week

    Yep. Nothing wrong with Bills 💵
  9. BMR_Brad

    Was going to take a break

    Furs in Manila :D In November :ROFLMAO:
  10. BMR_Brad

    1 pick this week

    Spot betting the way to go (y)
  11. BMR_Brad

    Disney Is ‘Aggressively’ Pursuing Opportunities In Sports Betting

    They are all building up massive capital value as their profit. Watch how often books start changing hands soon.
  12. BMR_Brad

    Was going to take a break

    Nice haul today! Had a frustrating one here. Missed just about every bet by inches or bad luck.
  13. BMR_Brad

    Enikk's small BM weekend reload

    Good job today (y)
  14. BMR_Brad

    Motorsport Tips 12-14 Nov

    Before Bottas held him off for the entire sprint race I would have said yes a lock. But Max did not even look like beign able to attempt a pass, so not loving the -130 chalk odds on him.
  15. BMR_Brad

    Motorsport Tips 12-14 Nov

    No luck on Bottas but De Pasquale won. Adding MotoGP - Bagnaia wins Pole +137 and F1 - Lewis Hamilton fastest in Practice 2 +117
  16. BMR_Brad

    Making of threads

    Not an option here Enikk. Have to manually ignore them ;-)
  17. BMR_Brad

    Wynn sports is losing lots of money

    Setup costs probably. And probably even planned to realize losses at a good time to offset profit elsewhere.
  18. BMR_Brad

    Asianconnect and Singbet

    Any deposit/withdrawal losses using bitcoin there now Oddy?
  19. BMR_Brad

    Crypto Curriencies and Sports Betting

    It's a great time to be alive. Never in my lifetime has there been such an accessible legit investment capable of making 100%+ year after year. Downside will be the young people who grow up thinking this is how investing works. They will be sitting ducks for scammers later on.