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  1. refugee

    MLS is Back Opening Weekend

    Does everyone here bet on baseball?
  2. refugee

    Time To Address Lunatic Situation

    The enik guy is irrelevant and you posters are talking about him. Someone be a man and go find the guy and bitch slap him. I don't know enough about all of this or I would do it for you.this place sounds like sbr now the place I escaped.
  3. refugee

    Like these today…..

    That's a lot of overs. I hope the scoring is plentiful.
  4. refugee

    Time To Address Lunatic Situation

    I did a lot of research since this morning. I asked other posters questiond I read a lot of things for the past 2 hours. Even without knowing everything it is obvious the enik hit is a liar and maniac and the stormtrooper guy is with him and the front he is putting on is obvious. If the enik guy...
  5. refugee

    KSU +2.5 -105

    they are good ats.
  6. refugee

    🗣️📢Saturday 2/25 All-Sports *Plays and Chat Thread*🗣️📢

    is the jake paul fight tonight?
  7. refugee

    Time To Address Lunatic Situation

    who is this guy enikk? did he post at sbr? is he here now or gone before i joined? everything i read about him is negative so i hope he is not still here.
  8. refugee

    2023 NBA All-Star Game Best Bets✔️(Feb. 19th)

    I'm going to tail you guys.
  9. refugee

    NHL Player Props

    Liking this thread.
  10. refugee

    2.17.2023 Action

    Doesn't look like we're gonna get this one ck.
  11. refugee

    Who’s Playing FORTNITE Tonight???

    Never played it But watched the kids play many times Ever play Titanfall?
  12. refugee

    Who are the all time G.O.A.T.s in each sport ?

    You nailed them all.
  13. refugee

    Carpool Karaoke Part 1.....Party in the USA

    it looks like you were having fun good for you sams.
  14. refugee

    Why Is Venditto Gone? Big Timer

    He is the guy who constantly posts saying everyone here are fake people and liars and don't really bet and demands tickets be posted. I believe everything that poster stormtrooper is saying.
  15. refugee

    NHL 2022-2023 Season starts in Czechoslovakia!

    i might start playing some of these until baseball season gets here.
  16. refugee

    USFL: We Killed It Betting Overs Last Year

    how many teams are there now?
  17. refugee

    NFL Commercials Were Better Than Most Years

    I barely remember them. Nothing stood out.
  18. refugee

    🏈📢Chiefs vs Eagles Super Bowl *PRE-GAME/IN-GAME CHAT & DISCUSSiON*📢🏈

    Nobody can talk football because the game is over? :+clueless
  19. refugee

    $2.2M Super Bowl Wager Placed As Kickoff Approaches

    This person is fuming right now over that penalty.