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  1. nymets11


    Whats his twitter handle?
  2. nymets11

    Can you win if you’re funded at one book only?

    JJ how many books do you think you have to be funded at, in your opinion?
  3. nymets11

    The little things - Heritage and WagerWeb birthday Freeplay

    That is cute. Heritage is top notch.
  4. nymets11

    All Bonuses Thread

    Did anybody else have their BoL freeplay expire after 2 days?
  5. nymets11

    Bovada Slow Pay (Or No Pay?)...

    Disappointing to hear about the degradation of a book that was top quality for so long. Hope you guys eventually get paid. Wonder what's going on over there
  6. nymets11

    All Bonuses Thread

    Im sure BoL will have some more soon
  7. nymets11

    All Bonuses Thread

    That's a bit harsh Roland. SB clearly made a mistake in their email.
  8. nymets11 - Large balance owed to me, account frozen

    Any update on these boys? Do they even try and pay any more?
  9. nymets11

    Bovada Slow Pay (Or No Pay?)...

    Good luck with that Ace. Keep us posted.
  10. nymets11

    Gym Selfies **and Daily Motivation

    Nice crib!
  11. nymets11

    All Bonuses Thread

    Thanks Roland! Anyone deposit at SB yet? Is it 22BNCAA or 22NCAAB?
  12. nymets11

    Stormtrooper8 NFL 2022

    Good thread Storm. Subscribed.
  13. nymets11

    Sportsbook prevents multi account, does it work?

    Yes they do. Seems like a bad idea hazliam