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    Betfair - new commission rate?

    Is it true that they are going to increase the base commission rate with 6%?
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    SBObet or 188bet

    What about Singbet? I've read that ibc bet offer it, but they don't. I know that Singbet is underground, not secured etc.. How can I open an account there?
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    Any good sport promotions?

    Can you share some information about sport promotions?
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    SBObet or 188bet

    Recently I am reading complaints about bets that have been canceled... they all are doing this.
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    18bet - any info?

    It is a new bookie and I cant find much info. Their odds are close to SBO and Pinnacle. A/H, O/U, looks tempting. Can anyone say something about them?
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    SBObet or 188bet

    Is there any possibility to open an account at sbo/icb without using an agent?
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    SBObet or 188bet

    What are the best bookies for Asian handicaps? SBO? What else?