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  1. crusherrr

    September 2022: Sportsbook Payout Time Tracking

    Have received over $120,000 in the last 2.5 weeks from BetAnySports. Have a bunch more to take off but they've paid within 2 hours most days after confirming the payout.
  2. crusherrr

    August 2022: Sportsbook Payout Time Tracking

    I don't believe any accounts have $5k payout limits anymore. I've had them on my SB/CP accounts and they've been gone for months now. Really changes how I approach the site, sadly. Refuse to run up $50k balances there anymore and often will sit with balance on the sidelines just to avoid it...
  3. crusherrr

    Tipico Sportsbook Making Strides in the US Scene

    All these books are great for sign up bonuses. Then seldom use after that. They do it to themselves, too.