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    Have a 4 teamer of SHOTS ON TARGET with Northstar. They utilize Opta Data for results. I have never heard of this provider. Now they say that my under 7.5 Qatar/ Senegal which would complete my parlay is a loser. I also had a single of Qatar/Senegal under 6.5 SOT. FIFA has SOT as 6 North says...

    Bluejays wtf

    From the many early errors by Vlady fieldingand base running, the bullshit at the wall on Teoscar and the sheer number easy hit homers, the Jay's looked sheepish in their effort to not make it look like they weren't trying. Vlady, Bo, Teoscar all clusterfuck plays to the extent of looking...

    Ontario licensed shop

    I pointed out a bad event prop at a licensed Ontario joint. The line is still up has the closing time of Sunday @ 1pm. The said event was PLAYED TODAY!!!! Bills to score first & win by 7+ points do I think they are suckering in the idiotsticks? \ Its an Ontario licensed site.
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    Awesome. I don't see 1st inning totals.


    Does MLB believe every pitcher is using a "tact(ical) substance ?? Seeing these guys getting molested by the umpires after each inninng is a bullshit anti-trust issue the MLB has vs its players.

    Tor @ BC

    The hits in this game are making it have an eerie, somber, funeral feel t