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  1. Seahawkharry

    Today is the Day ..Everyone has been waiting for

    The Enchrito comes back today Today is A good day
  2. Seahawkharry

    630amPSt Early Game Seattle Tampa Bay In Germany Props

    Needed to jump on the props for the 630am Early Game in Germany. I will post my NFL GAMES in Wagerallsports Sunday feed as normal as well as additional props But this game is Early Here we go Kenneth Walker rushing yards over 78.5 -135 Noah Fant over 2.5 Receptions -180 Tom Brady over 1.5...
  3. Seahawkharry

    Happy Veterans Day To ALL of Us who Have Served!!!

  4. Seahawkharry

    1st Bet You Ever Made Legally??

    So I was 18 stationed in Groton Connecticut. Just out of boot camp Meet a couple of the Guys in the Barracks they say hey wanna go to the dog Races. Never knew dogs raced so . I think we either went to NH or stayed in Conn. But we made it in halfway thru the races. they explained to me...
  5. Seahawkharry

    Baller coins

    So my number just jumped from like 530. To 698. Is there a log to show how and why we received The coins I k ow its for daily thread entrance and posting but is there somewhere where I can see just how I got these
  6. Seahawkharry

    Wagerallsports Hurricane Special Saturdays Plays and Discussion thread

    Let's help out wagerall and his daily thread by posting up some winners in here
  7. Seahawkharry

    1st Pro Game 1st College game post up

    Dad took me to see the Dodgers in the early 70s Think my First Game was the Dodgers against the Cincinatti Reds 1st College Game was the 1981 Rose the Michigan Wolverines beat the Crap out of the Washington Huskies. I loved it because my family from Seattle came down in a Motorhome for the game...
  8. Seahawkharry

    Wagerallsports is Busy with The Hurricane Lets Keep the Daily threads going untill his return. FRIDAYS PLAYS HERE

    Let's post up some winners in here Wagerallsports is the best at this but I'm gonna keep the torch lit until his return . Post up your plays for Friday ladies and Gentlemen. I will be back with a few for today myself.
  9. Seahawkharry

    Your Best Breakfast for a Sunday Morning

    Chicken Fried Steak Biscuits and Gravy Fresh berries and melon Eggs over medium Sourdough bread toasted for the eggs Orange juice freshly squeezed Coffee blonde and sweet Yours?
  10. Seahawkharry

    Charger Game off Board now -3.5

    Herbert out I believe for this to drop too many injuries props to peeps who got +7.5. . Line is +3.5/-3.5 now
  11. Seahawkharry

    Talk about a bad day....

  12. Seahawkharry

    Early Day Parlay

    So I'm trying this little parlay this early afternoon Lafies and Gentlemen St Louis Cards ML Cincinatti Reds ML Pays a lil over 2x. Good luck Bills ML-140 today as well
  13. Seahawkharry

    Ok At Southpoint Las Vegas Have a Great Weekend

    Placed a bet on Mike's Bills Play I got it at picked Did 2 team mlb play Dodgers Padres ml parlay Just got here gonna have a couple cocktails with the wife see yall later
  14. Seahawkharry

    Sunday Baseball

    Phillies-1.5 -152
  15. Seahawkharry

    Mlb Sat

    Game #1 Mets -129
  16. Seahawkharry

    Gonna Be in Vegas Next weekend South Point

    Meeting up with some friends from across the states to see a Band/show we have followed for a few years. I will probably hit the sportsbook Sunday for some action maybe sat late morning for baseball. Wife likes the Slots and I play Roulette a lil. I'll post up if U grab a Table at the Sportbar...
  17. Seahawkharry

    Juan Soto a Padre

    Mike congrats
  18. Seahawkharry

    James Oatman 1st at bat ever 2 run homerun

    Welcome to the Majors kid , Glad to have ya GO DODGERS!!!!!
  19. Seahawkharry

    Texas today

    Gonna put some money on the Texas Rangers +106 .
  20. Seahawkharry

    Crazy Sunday Plays

    Crazy Sunday played a Bunch I'm up this week so I'm using my profit for a hell of a Sunday spread Good luck NYM -134 LAD -112 STL -162 SF -147 SD -151 NYY -163 BAL +1½-115 TB -1½+108 COL +1½-127 TOR -140 TEX -159