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    SBObet or 188bet

    That is just plain UNACCEPTABLE. They have taken a free shot at you. Would they have cancelled the bet had it lost? At the very least they should have paid you at the correct odds. I'd be lodging a complaint with their regulator over that.
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    SBObet or 188bet

    Matchbook is certainly worth a look. Frequently appears to have more liquidity than Betfair for handicaps, although mostly they quote only one line. And Pinnacle of course.
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    Sbr Forum ?

    I used to but no longer see any value in them. You don't need to be logged in to view discussions.
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    SBObet or 188bet

    I have operated accounts at both SBO and 188. Both do offer competitive AH odds for football (soccer). For other sports they are not so competitive. However there is a big difference in the size of bets they will accept with SBO way out in front. Further, based on my experience, 188 will reduce...