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  1. boldhead23

    The sudden death of the Bulls

    My pick for today would be Bucks -12.5 (-110)
  2. boldhead23

    Any thoughts on Mets today?

    Any pick for the Mets today? :drinks:
  3. boldhead23


    Gotta love Twitter :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  4. boldhead23

    Are the Bulls gonna make it defending home court ?

    I am hooked on this series as Booker will not play for the Suns today my pick is for the Bulls even though my heart goes out to the Bucks for their last championship win and Giannis once again proved to be The Greek Freak in the last game we saw the Bulls work under pressure. NBA Pick: Bulls...
  5. boldhead23

    Go Mets!!

  6. boldhead23

    David Beckham legacy

    I don't know but this made me laugh :lmao: :ROFLMAO:
  7. boldhead23

    The fall of the Lakers is eminent?

  8. boldhead23

    I missed the NBA

    A day without the NBA and I didn't feel the same. So today I'm going for the spread with the Suns -13 (-110) :tongue0015:
  9. boldhead23

    Is there a sneaker head around here?

    Leave a favorite photo of your favorite Jordans or your favorite sneakers
  10. boldhead23

    The Last Dance

    I'm watching The Last Dance on Netflix I'm episode 3. Is it worth it to finish it? Jordan Lovers, tell me your thoughts.
  11. boldhead23

    Is Timme the real Benjamin Button

    Why does he look like he is in college, he is 40 and a 70's character all at once?
  12. boldhead23

    What season is more profitable for you NBA or MLB?

    I don't know whether to continue fully betting on the NBA or wait for MLB to start :tongue0015:
  13. boldhead23

    NCAAB card for today Kent State -3 (-108)

    :an_dance: 🏀
  14. boldhead23

    Will the Raptors have a very strong Suns exposure or are they going to wear their sunscreen?

    My pick for today is the Suns -5 (-110). How about yours? Let's hope I made the right choice.
  15. boldhead23

    Hello pretty people!!

    How you are preparing for March Madness? still deciding if I will enjoy just myself or in company of couple of friends
  16. boldhead23

    What superstitions do you have when you bet?

    Depending on the weather I think I will make good choices, for example on a sunny day I feel like a winner
  17. boldhead23

    World news

    Do you think that with the recent news the betting market is affected in some way?