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  1. DontTailMe Down

    Says planned maintenance. Is this true - was there a warning? "WE'RE SORRY Our site is undergoing planned maintenance and is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience."
  2. DontTailMe

    PolyMarket Fined by CFTC, Phasing Out Existing Markets

    Damn. I made some good money at this site. But it was always just a matter of time before something like this happened. They tried to be PredictIt but without the government exception...
  3. DontTailMe

    Every Time I Deposit At GTBets and They Shave Off Their 2%, I Just Shake My Head And Laugh

    "No fees" Bullshit. It'd be one thing if they were up front about it. But instead they treat us like asshole morons.
  4. DontTailMe

    Be Careful With Blockchain - May Be Time To Find A New Wallet

    From Reddit: I wonder if this guy had signed up for an account with their exchange services. Either way, I'm not screwing around with them without better intel. Time to find a new "dumb" wallet. The problem is that some of these wallets are growing exchange-like services, and therefore, are...