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  1. leafsfan1967

    PINNACLE SHORT CHANGED ME $3,000 on a payout… again!! *RESOLVED*

    This is completely insane. Today I got a payout of C$6,391 via bitcoin. I received the equivalent of HALF of that. See details below of the transaction. They haven’t responded to me yet. What the hell is going on with them? They are ripping me off...
  2. leafsfan1967

    Pinnacle sports $50,000 litecoin withdrawal NOT ACTUALLY SENT PLEASE HELP THEY ARE UNRESPONSIVE

    It’s been two days now and the only update pinnacle will give me is that they are reviewing the matter. No acknowledgement. Nothing. basically yesterday morning they processed on their end a $50,000 litecoin withdrawal and deducted it from my pinnacle account. Trouble is they never actually...