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  1. upyours88

    Another the rich get richer situation

    As if Tom doesn’t have it all already. Looks, career, family, lifestyle, etc. God hit him with the gifted stick for sure.
  2. upyours88

    Cincinnati Reds

    At this rate, will they win 20 games this season? 20-142 would be so gross. If you're betting on the Reds, you need your head examined. No amount of + money is worth it at this point. They are that bad. Sorry 4UK my bro.
  3. upyours88

    Dave Chappelle attack.

    Going to be a trend. They did show the attacker aftermath. He got destroyed.
  4. upyours88

    What were the odds?

    I wonder what were the odds this guy would fall? I was wondering why I kept hearing helicopters. Never a dull moment here.
  5. upyours88

    Seen this in football before but never in baseball

    Was watching the Giants/Nats game earlier and was wondering why Fox went to the mound after one pitch.
  6. upyours88

    This guy wanted to be famous.

    He got his wish. His name is Mr. Dumbass.
  7. upyours88

    Say it ain't so Deebo!

    Deebo requesting trade from Niners. They better get a whole bunch of first rounders for him. The pain!
  8. upyours88

    Devin Booker injury

    With a possible hamstring injury to Devin, looks like the Warriors will be the favorite to win the title. Pricing just plummeted for the Suns.
  9. upyours88

    Mask mandate on public transportation

    Federal Judge ended the mask mandate at airports/public transportation. What's your take on this? I may still wear a mask on planes because I can't trust that my fellow passenger isn't sick. That and I love swearing at people with my mask on.
  10. upyours88

    Monster start for Steven Kwan

    Bay Area guy making a name for himself for the Guardians. Love it.
  11. upyours88

    Another shooting.

    This one is close to home. About 90 miles away. Nothing good happens after midnight.
  12. upyours88

    Kimbrel to the Dodgers

    Trying to buy their way in after the * world series win a few years back. Sickening.
  13. upyours88

    NFL coaching staff must have one minority?

    I may be color blind but when I watch an NFL game, all I see are minorities. There are fewer and fewer Tom Bradys around. I'm all for fairness since I too am a minority but in certain professions, the best qualified needs to be hired. If you want to get a certain position, you should have to...
  14. upyours88

    What would you sell if............

    Most of us have loss beyond what we can afford at some point in our lives as gamblers. What would you sell if it meant getting you out of trouble at this point of your life? I'll start by saying I purchased gold at about $250.00 an ounce when I younger. Sold quite a bit about 10 years ago at...
  15. upyours88

    Trevor Story to Red Sox. The rich get richer.

    This makes the signing of Kris Bryant by the Rockies more confusing. If they are unloading, why sign a big name?
  16. upyours88

    Shout out from LeMartin or being on JJ Gold's poster of the month list.

    Just like the title reads. Most posters on the other side went crazy if they were put on the poster of the month list by JJ. I'd choose the shout out any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Vote on your choice.
  17. upyours88

    Tom Brady Returns To Tampa

    What is it with sports guys coming in and out of retirement? You would think Tom has so much more to do than throw a football to guys in tights. WTF.
  18. upyours88

    45 points in 1 quarter?

    Don't think I've ever seen or heard of an NFL game with 45 points in a quarter. Entertaining for sure. Unless you bet the under of course.
  19. upyours88


    Why is there not a sports betting forum for NCAAB? Let's go people.
  20. upyours88


    Are the Warriors the top team in the NBA right now? Curry is on a mission, bench is deep. Klay and Wiseman's return right around the corner. Should be a fun season for them.