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  1. BigJay

    Oliveria misses weight; stripped of title Saw the odds dropped. Angle here? I know in boxing sometimes a fighter who misses weight in a big fight can be sluggish the next day because of all they go through to make weight...
  2. BigJay

    Is this worth -175 juice? Hutchison to go No. 1?

    I haven’t seen any mocks the last 3-4 weeks that have anything other than Hutchison No. 1 to the Jags. Max bet is to win $250. Was thinking it might be easy $$. Thoughts?
  3. BigJay

    Jay Wright retiring as Villanova coach??

  4. BigJay

    Bob Costas

    Watched a few innings of the LAD/Braves on TBS last night. Was pleasantly surprised to hear Costas announcing. He’s hasn’t been on tv in awhile it seems.
  5. BigJay

    Netflix stock

  6. BigJay

    Don Corleone will give us protection in the East, and there will be the peace
  7. BigJay

    Are NBA first round series best of 5 or 7?

    I can’t remember and got tired of searching after a few minutes
  8. BigJay

    Russia says warship has sunk

  9. BigJay

    Le or other UFC gurus is this parlay solid?

    Obviously not a great return on my $$ but I noticed most of the rest of the card are basically pickem fights. Do you think something like this would be a safe bet? Chimaev, Volkano, Yan parlay $525 to win $350?? Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. BigJay

    My Masters bets

    All to win tourney. I think all these players will get the best side of the wind draw the first two days. Speith +2305 DJ +1610 Rory +1615 Brooks +1850 Leishman +7942 Connors +6050 Bubba +9550 All to win a dime profit. Risking about $250 total. GL with your action. Love me some Masters week!!
  11. BigJay

    I thought Love and to some extent Davis shot UNC out of a title

    Love especially settled for so many bad shots from deep when Kansas was making its comeback. Everyone knows when these shots aren’t falling you get to the rim and get fouled or get an easy bucket and they weren’t doing that. Also, many, many times Love would drive, leaving a wide open Manek on...
  12. BigJay

    Bill Self is who we thought he was

    Calipari jr
  13. BigJay

    Tiger played a practice round with Freddy and JT today

    Amazing to see Couples’ assessment of Tiger’s game after not playing and coming off a horrendous leg injury. be quite a story if he plays
  14. BigJay

    Hope Solo charged with DWI/Child Abuse

    Arrested passed out in her running vehicle under the influence with her 2-year old twins in the car. Not good.
  15. BigJay

    Golf play Players Championship

    Daniel Berger to win +2500 risking $75 (heritage fp) to win $1875
  16. BigJay

    Is this a pic of George HW Bush with the Saudis or is it Phil Mickelson?

    Man, Phil getting hammered to the point he feels he can’t even show himself in public at a golf tournament anymore?? Having to skip the Players? Already lost all his sponsors too. Went from pinnacle winning PGA last year to outhouse fast...
  17. BigJay

    LeBron won’t give up on Lakers until he’s 12-feet under - That boy’s good
  18. BigJay

    ESPN never ceases to amaze with its horrible reporting

    BREAKING NEWS - Fans storm the court as St. Mary’s stuns No. 1 Georgetown 😂Ranked St. Mary’s team with a 24-6 record playing at home. Zags only a 10.5 fave. St. Mary’s leads by 15 at half. Not like they won on a buzzer-beater. ESPN makes it out like it’s Chaminade beating Ralph Sampson’s...
  19. BigJay

    Aaron Rodgers no longer engaged

    Supposedly Shailene Woodley citing busy schedules keeping them apart. And the fact he’s exclusively into dudes probably added to the break-up.