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    FC Watford sponsor www.138 confiscate winning of 10k-absolutely fraud company,please avoid

    Hello My name is Sergejs Grigorjevs(know as ZAKULISE www.138) I registred to www.138 on 7 May 2016 Get verified account. 6.07.2016 I deposited 8700 eur and placed bet on EURO2016 Portugal vs Wales on Portugal win. My bet was winning and I have 18 000 eur on my account. On next day I get...
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    where is my post about 138 scam??

    Hello Where is my post about www.138 scam?
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    Hi I registred in betfair sportsbook and deposited 50 eur. later I get email from send us your ID. I sent,after couple days I get email Thanks for the documents you sent us. We’ve checked them and you’re good to go. Get playing here. I placed bet who was winning and...