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    Are NFL Games Rigged? (Here’s The Truth)

    If you copy/paste an article it should be normal procedure to link the original article and credit it's author/publication.
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    NFL plans at least four games in Germany through 2025

    Should have been playing there 15 years ago. Better late than never.
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    Bears LB Roquan Smith To The Ravens

    Slightly high but fair price. The Bears aren't paying any of the remaining contract, (as the Broncos did with Miller in the Rams trade), so that isn't increasing the trade price. The onus is on the Ravens to re-sign him or not spend in 2023 free agency in order to recoup a 2024 compensatory pick.
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    Chalk City (Niners/Falcons)

    Feels like the 49ers should be -6 rather than -4. I'm air-betting the 49ers.
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    Good Spot for Bengals Tomorrow?

    I don't know injured he is or isn't. At some point an opponent is going to drop 8 or 9 into coverage and take away his quick 2 reads. From what i've seen so far he'll just throw to 1 of the 2 hot reads regardless.
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    Good Spot for Bengals Tomorrow?

    Tagovailoa is a 2-read QB. The new Dolphins coaching staff have done a great job of mazimising his strengths and hiding his weaknesses, but at some point he gets found out.
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    Justin Fields Or Trevor Lawrence?

    I don't see much future upside to Lawrence's play. What you saw in 2021 is what you'll see going forward. Fields might never improve but at least there is some potential.
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    PET CEMETERY:💐BMR Funeral Service for the RudyRuder Handle...💐

    Rudy should have been kicked out 8 months ago, but then again, BMR allows banned members to return with alts so this is just a belated token gesture.
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    First London, now Munich....NFL shit games....

    This is long overdue. The potential German market is huge, moreso than Britain which already accounts for a tidy part of the NFL's income.
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    Dallas/49ers trap game??

    The line looks spot-on to me. It opened Cowboys around -152, but has shortened to around -163, (which is where I thought it should be). Given the probabilities for a 1 point, 2 point, or 3 point win the spread is also near enough correct. I'd have it even at -3 but books have the Cowboys slight...
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    Who you have winning the NFC??

    No Pacific time or Mountain time team has won back-to-back playoff games en route to a Super Bowl appearance. The 2 West Coast teams that did win back-to-back East Coast playoff games lost in their respective Championship games. Jet-lag is still a huge factor. The Rams have just played an early...
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    Has anyone here gotten the booster?

    I had the 2 covid19 jabs in March and June. I'm getting the booster after Christmas. I had the flu jab 3 weeks ago.
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    What Is The Most Devastating Thing You Ever Witnessed?

    Not sure I should answer this. The New Zealand mosque massacre live feed is probably at #2 with the Faces of Death suicide compilation video at #1.
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    🏈 MNF Rams vs. Cardinals

    I thought the line would be -180; +155. The line opened -145; +125 and moved towards the Rams -134; +114. I don't understand why the Cardinals weren't a much bigger favourite. The line has moved to -160; +140 in the last few hours. The Rams will be missing multiple key players.
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    Admin Here Should Give An Explanation

    Other information: Rudy has claimed that I publicly bad mouthed him once my SBR account was reactivated. I haven't named him or anyone else publicly at SBR. My posts here and at SBR are available for anyone to see. Rudy has claimed he doesn't 'reveal sources'. He named me and another SBR poster...