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  • Bye Bye Blue Square

    Today Blue Square was sold to Betfair and all account balances transferred to Betfair.

    Blue Square was a very decent bookmaker. Strange that Betfair decided to close the operation completely and seems that they were only interested in the customer base.

  • Interesting question here.888sport were using Bluesquare's betting platform.Where will they get their odds from now ?


    • I believe that they are still using the Blue Square traders etc, but will have to find another provider soon.

      Strange that 888 did not buy Blue Square itself, as 888sport was actually bigger than Blue Sq.

      Seems that Betfair are only interested in the player base and do not want anything from Blue Square Bet on their new fixed odds product.


      • Perhaps Betfair base their fixed odds quotes on the odds from their exchange - where there is enough liquidity.Those are more up-to-date than Blue Square's were.Just guessing.


        • It was confirmed to me by 888 that Blue Square are still powering the 888sport sportsbook operation. They are in the process of looking for another supplier as it is only a short-term solution.


          • Blue Square have gone downhill a long way. Not only were they acquired by Betfair, but also they have chosen to rob all of their affiliate partners by voiding all previous contracts. While customers are not directly affected by this decision, this should be seen as a serious warning to anyone who still considers dealing with this company.


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