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  • Bets4all dont pay and bann accaunt


    I open accaunt before one monts on Bets4all,made deposit for 100€,give some singl bets and some combos,win araund 1000€ and then made withdraw on Moneybookers for 900€,some money i leave on accaunt.....first answer after 4-5 days when money was still not on accaunt was:


    Die Auszahlung wurde jetzt von Ihrem Wettkonto abgebucht.
    Wann das Geld auf Ihrem Moneybookers account ist, können wir noch nicht
    genau sagen. Im Normalfall nächste Woche.

    Freundliche Grüße,
    Ihr bets4all.com - Team.

    For this wich dont understand german,say that send me a money,buth they dont know when i will reciveit,if will be all "normall" then next weak!

    This was before 2 WEAKS!!! After this i dont recive no answer on mail,also they dont answer on phone...on other side,one of my frean made accaunt there in this time,and was no problem for Bets4all to answer by the problem of deposit wich wont to made,buth i stop him i last moment when we soak abauth that....so they answer on mail if are abauth deposit,and give no answer on mails wher are withdraws problems!!!!

    After this two weak of sending mails with question,when will i recive money,i recive yasterday second answer:

    our financial department is still checking!
    They are asking for further information, an exact explanation how you
    detect or choose your insider bets would be helpful.

    Best regards,
    your bets4all.com - team.

    Then i also see that BAN MY ACCAUNT where i have still some 100€!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sie wurden verbannt.

    This is really shit from bookie!!! WHAT TO DO?????

  • Hey Leonardo

    Bets4all have a long history of slow play and there is even an article on BookmakersReview that a player waited over a year to get payment. They are dodgy like many Austrian bookies and are rightfully in the BMR Red List: https://www.bookmakersreview.com/red-list

    Red List bookies are scammers, and basically ones that if you bet on, you should not be surprised if they run away with your money.

    For your situation, the only thing you can do, is contact them over and over again. It is annoying and your perseverance may work, but they hope that most players just leave it so they can pocket the money.


    • Didnt know that....yasterday i recive this:


      Ihr Wettkonto bleibt gesperrt - wir haben Ihre Wetten untersucht und diese
      sind mit Sicherheit "Insider Wetten" wo es sich mit sehr großer
      Wahrscheinlichkeit sogar um Wettbetrug handelt.

      Bitte erklären Sie uns in wie weit Sie mit Wettmanipulation zu tun haben.
      Wie kommen Sie zu Ihren Tipps? (genaue Auflistung Ihrer Quellen).
      Wenn Sie es gewissenhaft erklären können dass Sie mit Wettbetrug nichts zu

      tun haben und Sie uns eine 100%-ige Auflistung Ihrer Quellen zu kommen
      lassen, dann sehen wir von einer Anzeige ab und werden Ihnen Ihren
      Betrag zurück überweisen.

      Freundliche Grüße,
      das bets4all.com - Team

      Now they wrote me that i am this wich cheats,and that i have insaders bets....i bet 90% on under/over bet...how can this be insaiders bets????????


      • I do not speak German, but using Google Translate, seems that they are accusing you of "insider bets"? They are also asking to to provide in-depth information on your betting system and how you place winning bets.

        Seems they simply have a problem with you being a winner and are fobbing you off with this. Most of their unfortunate users would give in and forget about the money. They are a real rogue operation and as mentioned, there is not much you can do, as they have been red listed on BookmakersReview for some time. They do not entertain or have any interest in going through players issues - This is how they do business.

        Your situation is awful and the only thing you can do, is keep emailing them, going on the live chat and even telephoning them and demanding to speak to a manager. I do however suspect it will be painful and there is no guarantee you will get anything back.


        • Where did you find them - where do they advertise ? I know they must pay money for those ads,but if the adverisers get enough complaints,they still might stop taking ads from bets4all.So you could threaten them,and then follow through if necessary.


          • Most of these sites do not care about sending players to the slaughter. So many rogue operations shown on odds comparison sites etc. Even Sportsbookreview that is meant to help players, had no problem sending them to BetIslands or alike.


            • Maybe we should create a "betting sites review", but that would not help if players don't google the bookmaker name before opening a betting account.

              Search for "bookmaker name" complaint, "bookmaker name" payment, "bookmaker name" scam. Or just search for "bookmaker name". Look at the results. If there are many players reporting negative experiences you should stay away.

              There is really no excuse these days for depositing money with scam bookmakers.


              • I haven't used SBR much.What do they do when a bookmaker gets negative feedback from players ? Do they print it ?
                I mean,obviously.they do print some negative feedback - in some cases they'd be happy to do so.But did they - for example - ever print anything negative about BetIslands ?


                • It is my understanding from observing SBR for many years that they are happy to publish complaints about small European bookmakers, but the real problem in the BetIsland case was not printing negative feedback, but rate them a B despite the fact they had been online for just one year.

                  When Betisland went bust and it was revealed that 80% of the players had been referred by SBR everyone could see the real reason behind the B rating.


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