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  • Sports Spread

    If anyone is looking to use a spread betting company then stay away from this outfit. Apart from the negative reviews they have about paying out their stop/win loss on bets are shocking

    Cheetahs v Sunwolves game in Super 15 last week Cheetahs First Half x Second Half points was a make up of 2115
    not bad profit when the buy was around 430. Anyone else would have paid 1685 x stake BUT not Sports spread with their stop win loss which would have meant 600 x stake
    I can see the argument if you were on the sell but who is stupid enough to sell on games like this

    Last nights Barcelona game Suraez Goal minutes was 302 yet Sports spread stop/win loss is 100
    Again who is going to place a sell bet when he’s banging in goals for fun

    I’m glad I switched to Spreadex from this shower must only be a matter of time before they go belly up.

  • Am surprised they are still being allowed to trade to be honest.


    • Anyone trading with these crooks is just asking to get ripped off. Avoid at all costs.


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