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  • Look out at DAFABET

    They are limiting players by charging 2,5% fee during withdrawal.

    I deposited money and win some. On chat I was ensure that the fee don't apply to me so I demand a withdrawal. Of course 2,5% fee was charged lol.

    From a quite long experience with dafabet:
    -they have been change their policy since some months
    -they limit winning players by charging fee 2,5% during cash out
    -they have the worst sports odds from "asians"
    -they have the worst money limits on bets from "asians"
    -their support is incompetent (yes I have some talks with them on chat and by phone)
    -their support is laying (I have print screens)
    -they suck in much more aspects

    DAFABET is not an asian as a lot people think since some months they are just a typical EURObook.

    So please be carefull when u want to deposit money to dafabet becouse if u are a winner u will get 2,5% less on ur account.

  • worst limits from "asian" have M88(100eur for EU and UK players. Dafabet have courteous 5k)2k+2k+1k) on popular soccer event.while 12bet have also poor (3x350 eur) limits.

    what you mean by 2,5% fee on winning??
    I just look at my dafabet account and see all winning is corectlly setled..


    • I contacted Dafabet about this and they said that they never charge for withdrawals. That said, I couldn't find a statement anywhere in their terms and conditions to the effect that all withdrawals are free of charge. Had you bet through your whole deposit before you requested a withdrawal and what method of withdrawal did you use?


      • #oak888 some months ago I treated dafabet almost as good as sbobet or pinnacle but now they are much worst. Very often I have early limits like 50-63€ on some football matches, and live not more than 1k€ on popular markets

        #Trevrizen my turn over of initial deposit before withdrawal was raised some months ago from 1x to 5x so yes for sure I made a require turn over becouse without that I wouldnt cash out my money

        Some months ago if u was a winner (becouse not everybody got this email) u were inform that they add this to their terms (before that all withdraw was free):

        We reserve the right to apply a handling charge on deposits and withdrawals to cover third party transactions costs depending on the selected payment method. We shall inform you if you will be subjected to this handling charge.


        And that is ok but:
        1) I wasn't inform that the fee apply to me, I was told that my withdraw will be free of this charge by chat support
        2) I was using skrill/netteler so did they seriously taking 2,5% of fee from dafabet? Of course not becouse I was talking with someone who know a little bit more than me

        So to conclude it's a form of limiting players


        • Their clause 7.5 looks to have been changed again, as it says something completely different now (charge-backs, reversals etc). There is no mention of a handling charge on deposits or withdrawals - at least not in the version of their terms and conditions for UK-based customers.

          For what it's worth, I think Dafabet are basically ok, but make sure you read carefully the terms and conditions of any bonuses they offer you before accepting them!


          • is this dafabet attack on this forum?


            • Are you guys still having issues with Dafabet?


              • TBF,Skrill do charge merchants a 3% fee on deposits - at least they did last time I checked.So if you don't turnover your money enough before withdrawing it, Dafabet are entitled to recoup their costs.


                • That is not true #quincunx they will charge this fee even when u would make 3x deposit. They are still limiting winning player by charging 3% fee. Look out at dafabet.


                  • Okay,tenisinsig,if what you say is true then they are charging a fee when they should not be - but that is not quite the same as limiting winning players - because you could roll up your winnings and only pay the fee on withdrawals - even though that is still not good.


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