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    I registred in Smarket last year.I play a lot in this exchange. As they have better % than betfair.My account was absolutely verified.Couple days ago(after my last 30 days winning)reached 165k smarket requested documents again.

    As part of responsible gambling and anti-money laundering policies, once certain transaction limits are reached or we detect specific betting patterns on an account we are required to conduct some further verification checks on our users. As your account has been flagged, we will require some documentation from you, could you please provide us with a clear photo of yourself holding your photo ID, a recent bank statement showing your name, address, the date and the company logo and a screenshot of the Neteller account you are using to fund your account showing the account number, your email and the name and address registered to the account?

    Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Kind regards,

    I sent all requested documents.
    next day Davis asked new request-

    Many thanks for the documents you have uploaded. However we still require a recent bank statement showing your name, address, the date and the logo of your bank and a screenshot of the Neteller account that also shows the address registered to the account.

    Once received our team will review these documents as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    I asked-why you asking bank Documents as I sent you utility bill as address proof.

    Davis answered-

    As you have a funded Neteller account I am assuming that you have a bank account to withdraw and deposit your money from there. We will require a statement from this account in line with regulatory requirements we operate under and our commitment to the ongoing verification of our customers' accounts for their protection and ours.

    Kind regards,

    This suport manager(or thmthing like that) ASSUMING !!!
    How you like it-now support not asking some documents but also ASSUMING !

    I sent replay -why you think my Neteller was funding trough bank account? there is lot of other ways how to get money in Neteller-and most popular is transfer from family or friends or get money from other gaming site for example.
    I sent netteller screenshot how my neteller was funding from WillHIll before i registred in Smarket.

    Answer was closing account and answer
    As you have been unable to provide us with satisfactory documents as requested, I'm afraid we are no longer able to accept your custom. Your pending withdrawals have now been processed and your outstanding balance will be processed back to your Neteller account shortly but your account will no longer be available for your use.

    Kind regards,

    Please do not registred in this exchange as they ar poorly,last time also their oddS was so so and different(of course NOT better) from betfair.
    he advert their website as grooving new company-NO THIS IS NOT GROOVING BUT SINKING COMPANY !!!!

  • Unfortunately this has become quite a common practice of Bookies asking for photos of you holding your ID next to your face - they usually ask for this from players from eastern Europe due to high amounts of fraud and multi-accounting. It seems most likely that Smarkets don't believe you are who you say you are.

    Shifting large amounts of money through any gambling institution will always raise flags, and they are legally obliged to ask for documents to show that the money is yours / it came from a legitimate source under money laundering laws. William Hill are notorious for asking for this information.

    While it is intrusive, failing to comply will result in an account closure. You are lucky that they paid you the money as really they should have frozen this and informed the authorities or waited for you to send in the documents they asked for.

    I would be careful in the future as if you're playing with large sums, then this is likely to happen again. I would also link your Neteller account to your bank, as it could be possible neteller contacted smarkets about your activity - payment processors do share information with gambling sites under money laundering / fraud policies etc . An unlinked Neteller account would almost certainly raise flags with the amount of money you have described.


    • yourmum,you are IDIOT ! Are you bookie support?? All your answers here is bullshit!!
      Did you get money from bookies to post here???!!!


      • No, I was giving you advice based on the information you supplied.

        If you aren't willing to provide the information they requested, while it is unethical / intrusive, then your account will get closed.

        Usually it is best just to provide them with what they ask for. As you didn't in this case, they clearly feel you either aren't who you say you are (as you can't provide the documents they asked for), or that you have something to hide (i.e where the money has come from).


        • Hi oak888 - I have a similar problem with them. I'd like to ask you some questions in private if that is possible? Do you have an email address I could contact you on? Thanks


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